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Runner's World Naked Truth Competion

April 16, 2012 by Jamie Page

Competition Alert – see below

April 2012's edition of Runner's World Sam Murphy takes an in-depth and balanced look at barefoot running. The article gives a comprehensive overview of how things stand in the barefoot running world today.
In the article Sam covers a wide spectrum of barefoot related topics from  the basics of how to get started with barefoot running to the importance of form with the help of Lee Saxby's mantra: posture, rhythm, relaxation. As well as the who's who in the barefoot running scene Sam also covers the Barefoot Vs Minimal debate.

Running: the skill

The issue isn't whether you run barefoot or not, but how you run- your form." – Dan Lieberman.
That's why VIVOBAREFOOT has setup the Training Clinic; which exists to spread the skill of barefoot running.

Barefoot Vs Minimal

We've talked about Barefoot shoes and Minimal shoes before and we believe there’s a big difference between barefoot and minimalist shoes.

Naked Truth Competition

Tell us your Naked Truth and win a pair of VIVOBAREFOOT Shoes, here's how to enter:
Step One: Like us on Facebook
Step Two: Post on our Facebook Wall: what you think the best thing about running barefoot is.
Step Three: We'll get our barefoot running expert Lee Saxby to pick his favourite on Sunday 22nd April and announce the winner the next day.
Want to learn more about Barefoot running; check out the Training Clinic. Where you can download our Barefoot running eBook and learn the skill of running.

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