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Barefoot Running: Should You?

April 23, 2012 by Jamie Page

…or shouldn't you? In May 2012's Women's Running Magazine Clara Tait poses the for and against arguments surrounding barefoot running.
Barefoot Running Expert Lee Saxby was in on the debate and added these points:

"'Support' trainers do more harm than good, because they aim to do the job of the foot instead of letting the foot do its job."
"Cushioning and arch supports are not necessary.…rather, they are potentially dangerous. They weaken the feet."

In the against camp, Simon Bartold, padded shoe advocate (and employee) and confused podiatrist argued that supervised barefoot training sessions once or twice a week can help develop strong running technique [We can't argue with that, although what does supervised actually mean?]. However he also argued that switching from running shoes to running barefeet is a disaster.
Here at VIVOBAREFOOT we agree that transitioning from running and training in padded shoes to barefoot or barefeet shoes needs careful attention. That's why we've setup the Training Clinic, which exists simply to spread the skill of barefoot running. Through the Training Clinic we're busy training coaches throughout the world the spread the skill. We also have a wealth of resources on the site, including the free Barefoot Running eBook and a step by step guide to running barefoot.
In the Women's Running magazine article our VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra is featured.

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