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VivoBarefoot Evo reviewed by Geek Dad -

April 22, 2010 by Terra Plana

Wired: Thin flexible sole gives your foot freedom to flex while offering protection from cuts and scrapes. Look like actual shoes.
A nice introdcution:

"Terra Plana is a company that uses eco-friendly (and some recycled) materials along with different shoe assembly methods to minimize waste and use of glues and other chemicals. Their VivoBarefoot line is designed to approximate being barefoot, using a very thin puncture-resistant sole with minimal padding or arch support."

VivoBarefoot Evo reviewed by Geek Dad -

Here are a few insightful lines about normal-to-barefoot running technique transition, using the Evos:
"The first thing I noticed when running in the Evos—and I noticed it whenever I jogged a little in the Lesothos as well—is that landing on your heels is not comfortable. I mean, I knew that barefoot running is supposed to make you strike the ground with the middle or front of your foot rather than the heel, but I kind of thought I’d been doing that all along in the Nike Frees. As it turns out, even the Nike Frees have a lot more padding in the heel than the VivoBarefoot shoes. So I was more conscious of how I was landing, and it did shorten my stride a little as expected. "

VivoBarefoot Evo reviewed by Geek Dad -

View the original article, Putting Vivo Barefoot Shoes Through Their Paces, at Geek Dad
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