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Terra Plana and NYC Velo Collaboration

April 20, 2010 by Terra Plana

We recently collaborated with NYC Velo to do some cross-brand promotion. They kindly lent us a bike to place in our NYC store window and we exchanged discount coupons.

NYC Velo

Here's the same story, just written better by the guys at NYC Velo and featured on their website:
"A few months back, we had a few folks from the other side of the pond stop in looking for bikes to “hire” for the day. As it turns out, these Englishmen happened to work for the future-forward footwear brand, Terra Plana. With a boutique storefront a few blocks away on Elizabeth and a shared eco- sensibility, we immediately thought a collaboration of some sort was in order. We loaned TP a bike for their window (a beautiful green Civia Loring) and we also decided to launch a cross-brand coupon. If you’re in Terra Plana, check out the display, pick up a pair of new kicks in the process and grab up a coupon for a discount at NYC Velo. In turn, we’ve got discount coupons good for 20% off at Terra Plana!"
NYC Velo

Check out NYC Velo Flickr photostream and why not keep up to date with Terra Plana - become a fan of our Facebook page.

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