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We believe a natural human foot has all the technology you need to survive and thrive - it is the key for living happy and healthy lives. VIVOBAREFOOT exist to let you live, move, learn and play as if you were barefoot, all day, everyday. We are challengers of the norm and embrace ancient wisdom while applying modern technology to create innovative and truly revolutionary footwear.

Your foot has all the technology you need

Using Pure Barefoot Technology, our shoes let your feet do their thing


People love Living and Moving barefoot

Denise Hunter

For over 20 years I had suffered with blisters, blackened toenails and twisted ankles from countless clunky boots and approach shoes, spending thousands of dollars in the meantime. My foot problems and frustrations kept increasing and I found myself deciding...

Andrew Parr

I was introduced to VIVOBAREFOOT shoes by a colleague and friend of mine at a morning exercise group I participate in. From the first time I put a pair of Vivos on, I was amazed at how it felt...

Loren Barclay

As a trained dancer and Pilates instructor, posture is important to me. I was convinced that with my history, my alignment would be spot on- I was wrong! Having spent some time with Lee Saxby and Ben Vesconte I learned...

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