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For the beach, sea, road, trail - you decide
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For land, water and everything in between the Ultra offers a unique amphibious experience for those wanting something a little more than normal. It's all about fashion, function and freedom for your feet with the Ultra: a truly revolutionary and versatile shoe.

Style code: 200009-08

4 stars (58 Reviews)


It's over to you and your feet with the fun and fast Ultra: letting you experience and enjoy your environment as nature the intended.The Ultra pushes the boundaries of footwear function with its unparalleled concept. The innovative and efficient design: a dual-injection construction gives durability, comfort, and flexibility where it's needed. It's a lightweight, ultra-thin, flexible and completely amphibious shoe that is also brilliantly robust, great looking, and Ultra barefoot.

Removing everything that hinders your natural foot function; the Ultra stays true to our principles by featuring our Pure Barefoot Technology that lets your feet do their thing.  Letting your feet provide natural motion control comes naturally to the Ultra, we designed it that way by using a Vegan and non-toxic dual-density EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). This glueless, monomaterial is soft and has hexagonal perforation on the upper providing total flexibility and comfort. Whilst the sole is equally supple it is also highly abrasion resistant and durable. With the Ultra you'll have no difficulty rapidly engaging your big toe with the earth and also achieving independent rear and fore-foot movement.

Sun, sea and sand.

The perfect companion for your feet on the beach, river or lakeside.

As well as scuba diving, rock hopping, hiking, beachcombing, shopping, and napping, to name a few activities!

Canoeing and kayaking and taking on your trip down the Amazon.

Boating shoes. Ay ay captain, the Ultra an excellent choice for sailors who need not worry about getting their feet wet.

Squatting, running, jumping, living! the gym and indoor training.

The perforated upper lets you sweat in style. If your gym won’t let you go fully barefoot you can wear the Ultra and they’ll never know how close you are to barefoot. a short break or an extended trip.

The lightweight Ultra is a perfect travel companion that can be easily stuffed away in your bag.

Upper material
Upper description
V-ultra EVA: 3D upper-outsole with perforated, non-toxic, two density, soft, high abrasion resistant EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
Removable: Plug-in stretchy mesh tongue for climate control and preferred fit.
Sole unit
V - AQUA 1
Sole thickness
7mm compressing to 3mm
Sole description
V Aqua 1: Hexagon EVA grip on our softest sole that quickly compresses to your perfect gait increasing the sensory feedback with every step.
Elastic Lacing: Elastic cord and lock lacing system allow for a quick, secure and personalized fit.
100% Vegan; Dual density injection molded for glueless, mono-material shell.
5 stars08 April 2015

Ultra Ladies - Completely satisfied and first time trying your brand. Love them!

4 stars03 April 2015

Ultra Ladies - Good

5 stars02 April 2015

Ultra Ladies - Love them!

4 stars31 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - There could be more info on the website about what they're suitable for - there was more info in a leaflet with them, which would have helped me choose better.

5 stars27 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - I exchanged my shoes and would have appreciated an update on the progress such as, "received your shoes, will be sending exchange pair within the week" or whatever would be appropriate.

5 stars23 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - Great shoes when barefoot is not an option!

5 stars19 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - Super comfortable abs stylish!

5 stars18 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - Aaa

5 stars14 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - Good comfortable shoes, but wear out quickly

5 stars14 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - I don't speak english

2 stars14 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - Pros: very light, holes allow air flow, nice design, spacious toe box.

Cons: Shape of the sole hurts feet. Prefer it to be flat.

4 stars12 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - I like them, perfect amount of sole...not as in love with the elastic laces though and the inserts are pretty tight on the back of my ankle when worn with the shoe. Overall though, i would buy from you again!

5 stars12 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - On a recomendation i purchased these specifically as a lightweight river crossing and camp shoe, but it turns out they comfortable enough to hike in as well, very impressed, love them already

4 stars09 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - Can't wait to try them out in the summer. Think they might be a bit big for me to used without the inserts.

4 stars06 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - They are not exactly attractive shoes. As a designer, I can't help but see all sorts of ways to make them look better. But interesting to walk "barefoot" and protected at the same time. I am likely to buy again.

5 stars05 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - Love them. The only difficult thing is getting your foot out of them when wet without popping out the liner. :)

5 stars04 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - Shipped fast.

5 stars04 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - wore them straight away and the difference was amazing!

4 stars04 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - I've only worn them to try them out around the house since it's still snowy here, but with the insert in they felt good. When I took the insert out I did not feel like they fit my foot anymore. They rubbed and my foot slid around too much. I will just be using them with the insert in, but I would've liked to have been able to wear them both ways.

5 stars04 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - Love these shoes :-)

5 stars03 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - All good, see my final comment. Main point for me is the vb pricing.

4 stars03 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - They seem like excellent shoes for the price although they are for a planned holiday, so I haven't given them a big test so far.

5 stars03 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - Took a chance buying without trying them on. Sizing accurate and they fit great. Super happy with the purchase.

4 stars02 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - I think mine is a little small and rubs in a place or two, but I couldn't get my normal size. I really like the shoe for the most part.

4 stars02 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - They are true to size and fit nicely, however, the back-lip is ripping my the back of my ankle apart. I have to figure out how to combat the problem, but it seems like where the seam meets the fold of the fabric is kind of blunt and sharp.

4 stars02 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - everything was ok. quick shipment.

5 stars01 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - I have rated this good but only because I think poor is just too bad! I ordered 5 pairs of shoes and despite the offering being free next day delivery it took until the end of the week to receive the goods and then one pair of shoes was not sent with no details of whether they were to follow. in the end I rang up and spoke to a member of staff who sorted me out. There are problems at your stock handling end!

5 stars01 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - Sizing came up bigger than expected

4 stars01 March 2015

Ultra Ladies - Comfortable, but they wear out quickly. I need to buy a lot of replacements.

4 stars28 February 2015

Ultra Ladies - They are light weight but different than I thought (vinyl/plastic). They are comfortable.

2 stars28 February 2015

Ultra Ladies - Hurt my feet

5 stars28 February 2015

Ultra Ladies - Love the comfort, fit and style

5 stars28 February 2015

Ultra Ladies - Very happy, light and easy to wear.

4 stars28 February 2015

Ultra Ladies - Quick shipment

5 stars28 February 2015

Ultra Ladies - Really love these shoes . So comfortable for walking/running.

5 stars27 February 2015

Ultra Ladies - Fit well, heel gets rubbed somewhat uncomfortably after walking a lot but doesn't leave a mark

4 stars27 February 2015

Ultra Ladies - These shoes are practically 3 shoes in one. I love the versatility and the price was great. My only complaint would be that the edge between the sole and top of the shoe is colored white and it is peeling off. I think they will look fine once it is all peeled off though.

1 stars27 February 2015

Ultra Ladies - These were removed from my order after the order was confirmed. I was told they were unavailable - but again, this was AFTER the order was placed and confirmed.

5 stars27 February 2015

Ultra Ladies - I love them! They are comfortable right out of the bag. I ordered one size up from my shoe size and it has worked well.

5 stars26 February 2015

Ultra Ladies - you need to create mens shoes in smaller sizes or at least create some unisex color ways!!!

5 stars23 February 2015

Ultra Ladies - I wish u made the same style in kids size too.

5 stars19 February 2015

Ultra Ladies - great, very comfortable shoe!

5 stars28 January 2015

Ultra Ladies - Vivo Ultra, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

I could go on about why these are my new go-to kicks, or about I how I love their convenience, fit and feel, but perhaps the best testament is the pair I bought for my wife and the friends I have recommended them to who have bought them as well.

4 stars25 January 2015

Ultra Ladies - everything was perfect except the trail freaks were not actually in stock! i received an email to cancel the purchase which was sad but ok..... but then shipment confirmation had both items on it!!! i checked my bank statement and everything was correct and i only then received one item but it would have been nice to have the shipping notification updated. Would have saved a lot of confusion and a call to your lovely customer care number.

1 stars20 January 2015

Ultra Ladies - Ordered Ultra Ladies, got Ultra Pure - not what I expected, too big for me.

4 stars16 January 2015

Ultra Ladies - she likes them!

5 stars11 January 2015

Ultra Ladies - gave these t my daughter-She loves them. Very well made-will last for a long time!

4 stars10 January 2015

Ultra Ladies - So sad....I used your online guide to determine what size to order based on my current running shoes. I ordered 1/2 size smaller and they are still too big. I did not realize this until I wore them outdoors and it was too late to return them. Otherwise I still wear them and do love them, just wish they fit a little better.

5 stars28 December 2014

Ultra Ladies - These are my favorite shoes of all time! We live near the beach and these are great if my feet get wet. I wear the insoles as shoes if I'm running on the sand. They are like a 2nd pair!

5 stars24 December 2014

Ultra Ladies - Super versatile shoe

4 stars15 December 2014

Ultra Ladies - HAane't had a chance to use them yet, but they seem really great.

4 stars10 December 2014

Ultra Ladies - sole wears out very quickly, in 6-8 months.

5 stars03 December 2014

Ultra Ladies - Love the expedited shipping service of online purchasing and the convenience of the website

5 stars01 October 2014

Ultra Ladies - Great service.but we are not sure how to use the extra "insoles"

4 stars18 September 2014

Ultra Ladies - Given the extensive user reviews out there (see Amazon as an example) about the size differential between the inner and the outer, it would be good if your official description of the shoes recognised this and gave some explanation to assist people with their dilemma of whether or not to go up one size when buying these shoes.

5 stars23 August 2014

Ultra Ladies - Great aquatic running shoes.

5 stars09 August 2014

Ultra Ladies - Best shoes I have ever worn and will ever wear. Being barefoot is my natural state...

5 stars07 August 2014

Ultra Ladies - Very pleased! My first pair of this type of footwear but it won't be the last!

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