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The ultimate all-round performance shoe
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The ONE shoe you need to live, move and perform; ideal for on road, at home, in the gym or on court.

Style code: 200008-10

4 stars (94 Reviews)


Experience maximum breathability from the hex thin mesh, and ultimate flexibility from the ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole. Utilise your natural motion control by letting your feet engage with the ground, as nature intended. The One also has a a lightweight, performance lining for moisture wicking and superior comfort.

The ONE is fine-tuned for a pure barefoot experience. Using a V web lamination upper and soft-fit lining, you can perform lateral movements with the assurance your shoe will let your foot its thing. With the ONE, you can take to the streets and put your feet back in control.


  • Distance running, 10k and marathons.
  • Gym work, weight lifting, treadmill running
  • Pilates, Yoga or Body Combat.
  • Tennis, Squash and Badminton.
Upper material
Breathable Mesh
Upper description
PU laminate on hex thin mesh for maximum breathability.
Dri-Lex Performance lining with lycra: Lightweight, performance lining for moisture wicking and superior comfort.
Sole unit
Sole thickness
Sole description
V Road: Hexagonal two tone ultimate barefoot sole. Tuned for the road and treadmill this flexible, soft and wet/dry slip resistant sole lets your foot do its thing with pure sensory clarity.
Lace-up System: Fasten securely with simple tie-up lace.
100% Vegan
5 stars13 April 2015

One Ladies - So far these seem superior to my others shoes I have purchased. There is enough room for my feet/ no rubbing/ toes aren't going numb as with my other pair (Nike)/ I like the style too.

5 stars04 April 2015

One Ladies - Love these shoes!

4 stars03 April 2015

One Ladies - Good

5 stars01 April 2015

One Ladies - Pretty and comfy! So far, I've got no complaints.

5 stars01 April 2015

One Ladies - Best shoes ever

5 stars19 March 2015

One Ladies - Best pair of shoes!! I have worn others that hurt my feet. These are so comfortable .

5 stars17 March 2015

One Ladies - Love the colour and style. Very comfortable and lightweight.

5 stars12 March 2015

One Ladies - This is my second pair of these shoes. I love them for all occasions - work, gym, shopping, walking, etc!

4 stars11 March 2015

One Ladies - After the first week of wear i started to notice that the sole of the shoe was starting to unglue from the shoe itself. it is very very small however it is cause for concern. The shoe itself is what I was hoping for however.

5 stars09 March 2015

One Ladies - Perfect shoes.

5 stars04 March 2015

One Ladies - Great. I got the Altra One and it was just too much shoe. It also rubbed my heel like nobody's business. These are much more comfortable.

5 stars03 March 2015

One Ladies - Great shoe, definitely can feel them working my legs. Runs a little bit big so next time I will order a half size smaller.

4 stars03 March 2015

One Ladies - This is the first pair of shoes I've bought from Vivobarefoot. I haven't worn them for long so it's hard to tell how they will hold up. They are very comfortable, but I have not walked any long distances in them.

5 stars01 March 2015

One Ladies - Love the feel of these shoes. Plenty of room in the toe box for my toes to spread out!

5 stars28 February 2015

One Ladies - Cool design and really comfortable. Excellent casual trainers.

5 stars27 February 2015

One Ladies - Love the lightweight design and fit of this shoe and hope it will return in new colors for 2015!

5 stars27 February 2015

One Gold Edition Ladies - This is the best style I have ever purchased but there is still one flaw, one size fits all laces. They are too long and annoying to have to double knot. It isn't just this style but most women's tie styles.

1 stars27 February 2015

One Ladies SS14 - I haven't received them.

5 stars26 February 2015

One Ladies - Even though the shoes were way too big, I was extremely reluctant to send them back. I wanted to wear them so badly!!

5 stars26 February 2015

One Ladies - These shoes are excellent. I have been running in this model for over a year. They have a roomy toe box and I can wear them without socks.

5 stars26 February 2015

One Ladies - Great service

4 stars25 February 2015

One Ladies - Lots of toe room, great flexibility. However, the traction on the shoe is very minimal. It is fine for my use in the gym, but I occasionally slip walking to/from my car if the streets are a little wet from the rain.

5 stars23 February 2015

One Ladies - Great Product, poor customer service

5 stars21 February 2015

One Ladies - This is my first pair of minimalist shoes, and I'm smitten with them. Because not only do they look great on me, they make running so much easier. I've been wearing shoes with support all of my life, and when my feet and shins start aching before I'm even tired of running, I've been told I just need a shoe with better support. Turns out I need the support of my own foot, so thanks for putting out a quality minimal shoe. I will be buying more Vivos in the future :)

5 stars21 February 2015

One Ladies - Still breaking them in, but they are great shoes and I love wearing them.

5 stars21 February 2015

One Ladies - I bought the pink/purple One and they're great. Even the discoloring is no big deal. My go to shoe.

4 stars20 February 2015

One Ladies - Would like more color choices.

4 stars18 February 2015

One Ladies SS14 - Cool color and good fit, soles are surprisingly stiff though. Don't yet know about durability, which I hear has been an issue with this model.

5 stars18 February 2015

One Ladies - Mail orders and returns are not very reliable, efficient or cost effective.

4 stars16 February 2015

One Ladies - Good shoes, I just ordered the wring size.

4 stars12 February 2015

One Ladies - Great shoes. Excellent fit, bought 1/2 size up as recommended. The white soles however were discolored (pink/purple) due to the shoe dye.

5 stars12 February 2015

One Ladies - had Alexander Tech work on bad back & foot problems for 4 years. 3 years ago,tried Masai Barefoot shoes...not good, so have not pursued barefoot again, as expensive mistake. These are affordable AND they work! A bit of time to get used to them but SO good with Alex tech work. Thank you. Friends like them too.

4 stars11 February 2015

One Ladies - Not tried much yet but nice fit, very comfortable.

4 stars09 February 2015

One Ladies - not as comfortable as shoes that I bought before, but did not want to send it back because of high post expenses.

4 stars07 February 2015

One Ladies - Nice shoe, a little narrow but still nice

1 stars07 February 2015

One Ladies - I sent them back, as they had discoloured soles

5 stars06 February 2015

One Ladies - The sole is very proprioceptive, the shoe ultra soft and flexible + a killer look. What else ?

4 stars05 February 2015

One Ladies - These are great for the gym

4 stars04 February 2015

One Ladies - color bleeding on sole

5 stars01 February 2015

One Ladies - these are so cute, and light, and waterproof! (wasn't expecting that to be honest) and you feel grounded. I have been wearing NB with the vibram soles until these and I am now in love with my ones!

5 stars31 January 2015

One Ladies - Speedy delivery, orders always 100% accurate and well packaged

5 stars30 January 2015

One Ladies - Love these trainers! Best buy in ages

5 stars30 January 2015

One Ladies - Excellent

5 stars29 January 2015

One Ladies - Great shoe,very comfortable.

5 stars26 January 2015

One Gold Edition Ladies - Love them. Super comfy.

5 stars22 January 2015

One Ladies - Love them! Comfy, good grip, great colour (some bleeding of dye into sole as mentioned on website, not an issue at all for me)

5 stars16 January 2015

One Ladies - Love these

1 stars16 January 2015

One Ladies - Everything is in english.
I bought the one. The sole is awful and it's not permit to sell such shoes!

4 stars15 January 2015

One Ladies - A bit noisy depending on the floor you're walking on.

5 stars13 January 2015

One Ladies - These are unlike any other shoe I've ever had. I ran two miles in them for their first true test. They felt great and I had no pain afterwards.

5 stars13 January 2015

One Ladies - Expensive but worth it. I was disappointed that the color I wanted (gold) cost $20 more than the others. I love these shoes and they last longer than any shoes I have ever had. They are the best

5 stars09 January 2015

One Gold Edition Ladies - Very comfortable, multifunctional & visually appealing

5 stars04 January 2015

One Ladies - These shoes are great. I cannot comment on how they will hold up long term but they are very comfortable and so far seem like they are good quality. With normal running shoes I would size up one-half a size but did not for these shoes. That was a good choice, as they seem to run a little large (or are just actually appropriately sized for running).

4 stars04 January 2015

One Ladies - I ordered my normal sneaker/shoe size and the Vivobarefoot sneakers felt maybe a little wide in the toe area, but I still wore them to the gym anyway, and they were definitely a half size too big. The receipt said I couldn't return them if worn, so I'm stuck with them... I rated them "good" because I would have loved them in the right size.

4 stars30 December 2014

One Ladies - Good

5 stars28 December 2014

One Ladies - These have a comfortable wide toe box and fit true to size. They are very lightweight as well.

5 stars25 December 2014

One Ladies - They feel so amazing, I want to live in them! I am a 6.5 in the majority of my shoes and i got the 37. They fit beautifully. It was weird feeling the first time i put them on. It takes some getting used to because i am so short and usually wear heels. However, the comfort beats the awkward feeling of being so short. Great for workouts or just walking around town!

5 stars24 December 2014

One Ladies - I've only had the chance to run in them twice but I love the barefoot feel! Normal running shoes promote bad form with all the padding and lift, but vivobarefoot shoes allow you to feel and correct bad form right away.

5 stars24 December 2014

One Ladies - Love em! Really great quality. Thank you!

5 stars23 December 2014

One Ladies - the best product in mini
malist footwear

5 stars22 December 2014

One Ladies - Quick delivery, easy to order.

5 stars22 December 2014

One Ladies - Great colors, great product quality.

5 stars22 December 2014

One Ladies - Comfiest shoes ever in a current look - second pair I've bought for my daughter!

5 stars22 December 2014

One Ladies - I had to return the pair I got because they were too small, but I ordered another pair from another vender and I love them! They are very comfortable and I love the barefoot feel!

2 stars22 December 2014

One Ladies - I have recently bought two pairs of Vivo shoes, and the navy pair are perfect in every way. I love the comfort and the physical benefits that my shoes give me. However, with the more recent pair purchased, with a pink and purple 'upper', I am very disappointed that the pink colour from the upper part of the shoe has 'bled' into the white outer sole. As this does not affect the physical benefits of the shoe, it is not a massive problem. However, the shoes are not cheap, so I would not have expected this to happen.

5 stars22 December 2014

One Ladies - Love my shoes. Great that you added 43 to ladies sizing.

5 stars22 December 2014

One Ladies - Ordered as a gift and they were very happy

5 stars05 December 2014

One Ladies - Love these shoes!

2 stars05 December 2014

One Ladies - Material already visibly wearing down after two weeks of moderate use. For some reason the shoe rubs at the area where my foot bends when I walk. It's very uncomfortable. Some suggestions for better design: (1) use different fabric, maybe something softer and stretchy (2) use an easier shoe tie design, maybe something that makes it easier to slip on/off the shoe (3) make a soft/cushioned shoe tab for easier on/off of shoes (4) more rubber around the toe area to protect the toes when running in nature (5) maybe different size shoes for different shaped feet

5 stars03 December 2014

One Ladies - I love my new shoes but wonder how to clean them...sulpher yellow. There is no information on shoe care at all.

4 stars01 December 2014

One Gold Edition Ladies - Still getting used to walking as though barefoot!! Very good quality product.

5 stars30 November 2014

One Ladies - Perfect except that I need a little more height for my big toe, but I compensated by lacing for it.

2 stars29 November 2014

One Gold Edition Ladies - I was not happy with the shoes as I didn't think that they looked very hard-wearing and I didn't think it was worth the money so I have returned them

5 stars29 November 2014

One Ladies - My wife loves them

4 stars25 November 2014

One Ladies - Love the shoe, hate the laces. The laces, while "cute" are thick and cumbersome.
I immediately removed them and replaced them with an old pair of very thin, waxed string, and now the shoe works great. I needed a bit more room near the wide part of the foot because my foot is short and wide with a high arch. How about some lacing options??

4 stars23 November 2014

One Ladies - I really like the shoes I purchased. This was my first pair of barefoot shoes. I really like them.

5 stars22 November 2014

One Ladies - I actually got these for my husband as well, knowing that in store - your european sizing was fairly accurate. He loves the shoe and thinks it looks much more attractive than the previous color pairing he had prior.

5 stars21 November 2014

One Ladies - SOOO comfortable. They look awesome, and feel amazing while I'm working out.

5 stars11 November 2014

One Gold Edition Ladies - Just changed to vivo barefoot from fivefingers for running and I just love them...
Only thing is that they only come in whole sizes and I'm a size between for perfect fit...

4 stars09 November 2014

One Ladies - Love them, but still got work to do on my technique in order to compensate for the drop difference. Fits a little big.

1 stars04 November 2014

One Ladies - I have worn Vivos for the last 7 years and patiently waited fir a design and colour I liked. I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my shoes but very disappointed that the colour had bled into the white soles. When I initially queried the fault, I was shocked to hear that all your stock of this type of shoe has the same colour run fault but was most surprised that this appeared not to be a concern. I requested that Head Office be advised that this definitely is a problem.

All pictures on the Web site of the white soles shoes have a crisp white sole with no colour bleed, so I wonder if all the white soled stock you have has the same manufacturing fault?

I asked for all the stock of the One Ladies pink and purple in Vivo shops around the UK to be checked for colour bleeds. These faulty shoes should not be for sale, unless sold much cheaper as seconds but I do not believe that this would be the correct thing to do, as it would damage the Vivo reputation.

There is clearly a manufacturing fault with these shoes and I am concerned this was not picked up by Vivos own quality control. The shoes are precisely designed and the price is reflected in this engineering, so anything less than an excellent standard, is just not good enough. Why was this allowed to happen as well? It's a fundamental issue!

I really would like another pair that is not faulty please and to date I am still awaiting news, having returned the shoes over a week ago now.

I am a self-employed Pilates Instructor and was about to promote Vivos to all my 180 clients but until I receive assurances that quality is excellent, I sadly cannot promote Vivos.

5 stars03 November 2014

One Gold Edition Ladies - They are so stylish and comfortable! I love them!

4 stars31 October 2014

One Ladies - Really like the style but unfortunately I seemed to be between size 38 and 39 so didn't end up with either pair.

5 stars24 October 2014

One Ladies - Me and my kids love you shoes!! But will there be any new wet/cold season shoes for kids coming out soon? I have a pair of the Offroad high (size 32) for one of my Boys, and would really like to have them for my smaller ones also, but they are impossible to get hold of.

5 stars21 October 2014

One Ladies - So comfortable

4 stars06 October 2014

One Gold Edition Ladies - As great as the trainers are, they tend to get worn out very quickly. If you could try to work on making them slightly longer lasting that would be amazing!

5 stars06 October 2014

One Ladies - These are very comfortable. I am new to Barefoot and have been told that I should wear them all the time! This is not really possible , so, I am wondering if I am doing more harm than good by only wearing occasionally??

4 stars03 September 2014

One Ladies - The product is excellent but customer services is awful, still awaiting a response from an email sent about a month ago. In house training and education excellent but basic business structure needs some work. The education and product helps customers overlook the bad points of business structure but only for so long and no business should get complacent as someone else is always in the waiting ready to take over.

5 stars26 August 2014

One Ladies - Perfection

4 stars17 August 2014

One Ladies - Great apart from the holes for the laces which are not as smooth in operation as they could be.

5 stars14 August 2014

One Ladies - Amazing shoes, barely taken them off!

5 stars09 August 2014

One Ladies - I'm in love with my shoes. Best purchase of the summer.

5 stars07 August 2014

One Ladies - great

4 stars13 July 2014

One Ladies - sole is just a bit too thin for my needs. as soon as you hit the road, bumps and uneven surface start bruising foot

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