You can not only look good but you can utilise your feet as they should and feel great all at the same time. 

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Designed in London and made in Ethiopia we?ve combined the ancient wisdom of letting your feet do their thing with traditional shoe making techniques. This classic leather ballerina flat is a must have. The elegant hand finished waxed leather has a soft satin elastic topline that gently grips the shoe to your foot so you can enjoy that barefoot feeling every day. Made in conjunction with Soul of Africa, 100% of their profits are used to make a real difference to the lives of children in Africa. They are used to fund schools, drop-in centres and refuges.

Effortless by design and simple by nature the Daisy is designed to honour the feet and let them do their thing.  We've removed the things you don't need and left a simple and soft leather upper which is built on the thin, flexible yet durable sole so you get total flexibility for healthy feet and a full range of movement.

The ONE is fine-tuned for a pure barefoot experience. Using a V web lamination upper and soft-fit lining, this shoe not only looks the part but also allows your foot to do what it does naturally. This, coupled with a 3mm puncture-resistant, slip-resistant, flexible sole, means with The ONE you can tackle any sport, run or gym routine with ease. With the Training Clinic One you also get a Metronome which means you can keep to 180bpm while you're training (the optimum running cadence). You also get to read a bit about the history of barefoot running with a copy of our book.

80% of the time … for the other 20% anything goes.

Politely reminding your feet that you care.

Summertime fun and games.

Moonwalking and cutting other classic shapes at the discotech…

Smart, simple and healthy feet. Impromptu ballet and rhythmic gymnastic routines … you never know.

Transitioning to barefoot.

Learning to walk before you run and gradually.

Navigating your way through the pub to the bar.

Showing the kids how skipping should be done.

The hopscotch champion who can still kill it.

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