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The Vivobarefoot Tracker Ladies is crafted from beautiful rich leather to deliver a boot that looks as good as it functions; 4.5mm lugs on top of our patented 3mm puncture resistant sole provide immense grip over the tougest, muddiest terrains meaning you can bag peaks with ease.

Style code: 200048-01

Dark Brown


Always wanted to get to grips with nature, and tackle the toughest terrains? The TRACKER allows you (and your feet) to thrive off-road.  A perfect tool if you’re into walking, hiking, the great outdoors, expeditions, mountaineering, extreme tours...the list is endless!

Made from a beautifully rich leather, this is the boot that looks good, and feels good. The full waterproof, Hydroguard lining protects you no matter how challenging the conditions, and let your feet do the work, whilst still protecting them from the elements....It’s you and the shoe. The design features metal eyelets, contrast laces, and a premium quality leather with abrasion leather and rip stop Nylon trimmings for increased durability

Built under the principles that your feet have all the technology you'll need, the TRACKER equips you with the necessary tools for the job: barefoot exploration!

Long (and short) hikes all year round,

walking the dogs,

heading out to the shops in the depths of England's snowy season,

your Christmas day family walk.

Upper material
Upper description
V Leather: V leather with abrasion leather and rip stop Nylon trimmings for increased durability. Ion Mask treatment for water resistance
Textile Lining
Sole unit
Sole thickness
Elastic Lacing: Elastic cord and lock lacing system allow for a quick, secure and personalised fit.
Dri-Lex lining contains Sorona - a renewabley soured fibre
5 stars13 August 2015

Tracker Ladies - Wife loves them! Wears them to do research with her biology department.

2 stars23 May 2015

Tracker Ladies - These are v comfortable boots for sure. However they are not waterproof (leaked after only 2 weeks) and the leather fades badly once scuffed and can't be polished back to full colour. Worst of all, after 8 weeks of daily dog walking the wear on the soles was abysmal with many of the lugs almost worn away and some just sheared off. Now, another 8 weeks later the sub sole is starting to show. I am waiting for a hole to appear next. For any hiking boot this would be unacceptable. For a hiking boot that cost £180 a pair it's totally shocking. I won't be buying any more until I hear vivo barefoot have resolved this major issue.

5 stars14 May 2015

Tracker Ladies - I love them :-) The best shoes for tracking...

4 stars08 May 2015

Tracker Ladies - x

5 stars06 May 2015

Tracker Ladies - Comfortable, light and a pleasure to wear

4 stars17 April 2015

Tracker Ladies - I don't like that the toebox is narrower than other boots and shoes I've received from vivobarefoot, but they look like they'll work out without an insole. Please keep the wide toebox in future boots!

4 stars14 April 2015

Tracker Ladies - I am a little worried about how well they will hold up! The soles are separating from the main shoe a little bit on both feet BUT I am also wearing them daily as farming shoes instead of hiking shoes. The feel and built of the shoes is amazing! So comfortable. Can you make me a durability test model? I will put them through harsh conditions!!

5 stars26 March 2015

Tracker Ladies - Although I did have a small problem with them after approximately 2 months this was very quickly sorted out. The boots themselves are so comfortable, I can't stop wearing them!!

5 stars18 March 2015

Tracker Ladies - I needed to return my first pair as they seemed faulty and too tight.Vivobarefoot refunded the returns postage and said that the shoe might be a little narrower because of the water proof liner.I tried another pair but they too were too tight in the width across the toes, so I went up one size and they are perfect. What this means in practise is that in 'normal' shoes I was size 5. Vivobarefoot Gobi boots I was a 6 and tracker boots I am a 61/2.

5 stars18 March 2015

Tracker Ladies - These boots were made for walking, and that's what I'm guna do. Guna take these boots and walk all over the wilderness!

5 stars02 March 2015

Tracker Ladies - Have only worn the tracker boots once so far, but comfortable right from the start, finished a very muddy 7 mile walk with dry happy feet.

5 stars22 February 2015

Tracker Ladies - Prompt

4 stars20 February 2015

Tracker Ladies - Beautiful design but did leak. Care instructions with the shoes would be useful.

5 stars18 February 2015

Tracker Ladies - SO awesome. Stylish, comfortable, as soon as I put them on I didn't want to take them off!

4 stars07 February 2015

Tracker Ladies - Except of that the toes lift up I like them very much

4 stars05 February 2015

Tracker Ladies - Still not 100% sure about the sizing - they feel a little too big but the 6.5 would definitely have been too small. Quite difficult to get on and off especially as I have a back injury and find it hard to pull/push when bent over.

5 stars04 February 2015

Tracker Ladies - Without a doubt the best shoes I have ever owned! My second pair of Vivobarefoot shoes, and most certainly not the last.

4 stars30 January 2015

Tracker Ladies - Toe box not as wide as I would have liked and felt quite narrow when wearing, also the end of the laces bit is a bit too close to your toes and when you walk the shoes naturally bend there which does rub a bit.

4 stars15 January 2015

Tracker Ladies - Good quality.

5 stars07 January 2015

Tracker Ladies - It's great to find a walking boot that is so light and flexible. I have a wide foot and usually spend time breaking a boot in before it is really comfortable, but with this boot it has been easy to wear from day one.

4 stars28 December 2014

Tracker Ladies - I usually wear a size 39 but these were too small

2 stars23 December 2014

Tracker Ladies - Not enough space for my toes.

4 stars11 December 2014

Tracker Ladies - Very comfortable. Reasonable grip.

4 stars09 December 2014

Tracker Ladies - A comfortable fit & good for walking in mud etc but EXTREMELY slippery when walking on smooth wet surfaces (like flat rocks)

5 stars08 December 2014

Tracker Ladies - The boots are extremely comfortable and working well so far. Thank you!

5 stars08 December 2014

Tracker Ladies - Dear God don't stop making these boots, I don't think I will ever wear anything else during the winter!!!

5 stars05 December 2014

Tracker Ladies - but my pair is a size too small so will be sending back for a bigger pair that I can wear with thick walking socks. Cant wait to get out on all terrain in these fabulous flat, flexible, durable boots.

4 stars28 November 2014

Tracker Ladies - They didn't quite fit right. Please bring a shop back to Brighton, so many fans here

4 stars31 October 2014

Tracker Ladies - The boot is light and springy as expected. I was disappointed that the toe box is becoming more pointed, not leaving sufficient space for the small toes, so that I had to size up again and buy a men's boot. One 7.5 mile walk left me with aching Achilles tendons, and no finish left on the boots' toes as it wore off in the wet grass. Cleaning with brown Nikwax has restored the look. I am experimenting with an extra VB insole and different lacing to see if I can fix the Achilles problem.

5 stars28 October 2014

Tracker Ladies - excellent in size, good looking, super comfortable,

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