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Sami inspired Winterproof boot

Keep the warmth in and the elements out, whilst letting you're feet behave as if they were barefoot with the Vivobarefoot Kula. The full liner with faux fur topline and Thinsulate keep the warmth in whilst the deluxe leather, PU backed canvas, rubber sealed seams and sealed EVA vamp stop the cold getting in.

Style code: 200043-01

Dark Brown/Tan


Think winter trail pursuit, meets street-ready stomper! The KULA BOOT encompasses both luxury winter warmth, with signature VIVOBAREFOOT technology. The KULA symbolises how to keep the elements out with its waterproof natural beeswax coating on the canvas, whilst keeping YOUR key elements safe and functioning just as they should. 

Our ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole of 4.5mm ensures you'll be able to find your footing with the KULA and rediscover the joy of natural barefoot movement. We've designed this shoe to provide a warm and comfortable environment for your feet - and they'll thank you for wearing them!

Thermal protection and appropriate waterproof functionality is what the KULA does best.  This paired with the faux-fur Topline and Thinsulate keep the warmth firmly contained. It may be new to the VIVOBAREFOOT family, but it still stays true to our roots and the principles all of our shoes are made on - Pure Barefoot Technology.

The KULA is designed to keep your feet warm but still let them do their thing which is why we have made the full-felt lining removable. They’re made with your foot in mind; the toe box is nice and wide giving your toes the space they need to splay and recoil (this also helps in the coldest temperatures to allow your feet to stay warm). The ultra-thin sole is completely flat from heel to toe so your arch can function completely naturally.

Just because you’re wearing shoes it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the ground beneath your feet. The ultra-thin sole let’s your feet receive all the sensory information they need whilst also keeping your feet warm.

Long winter walks. Snow ball fights, building snow men, sledging. Your winter get away all rounder - for apres ski, hiking across glaciers and wandering around in the wilderness.

Upper material
Upper description
Waxed Organic Canvas
Removable Full Felt Bootie Lining. Inside seams are watertight
Sole unit
Sole thickness
Lace-up System: Fasten securely with simple tie-up lace.
Natural Beeswax Coating on the canvas
4 stars03 October 2015

Kula Ladies - They looked really big on my feet

4 stars17 September 2015

Kula Ladies - They are warm and great

4 stars17 September 2015

Kula Ladies - Quite big shoes. I'd like them to be fully vegan.

4 stars06 July 2015

Kula Ladies - Response to customer service emails is very poor.

4 stars23 June 2015

Kula Ladies - As these are winter boots (and it is currently June) I haven't had the opportunity to test them in the appropriate conditions. However, my initial inspection of them suggests they are just what I hoped they would be. I will be sure to leave a more thorough review once I've had a chance to test them against a Winnipeg winter!

4 stars10 May 2015

Kula Ladies - It was too tight for me. Size is bit smaller than normally. I have to change for bigger.

4 stars27 April 2015

Kula Ladies - seem okay, haven't worn then much yet as purchased for winter use.

5 stars25 April 2015

Kula Ladies - Great packaging and super easy return.

4 stars22 April 2015

Kula Ladies - Unfortunately, the boots I bought are much too big, so I won't be able to wear them. Overall, though, I really like the style and the features of the boots. I just wish they fit!

1 stars13 April 2015

Kula Ladies - Too difficult to walk in. Looked gigantic on. Very cosy but not much point having cosy feet if you can't walk anywhere

4 stars30 March 2015

Kula Ladies - I peferred to quality and style of many of the earlier shoes, particularaly the softer leather boots and sandals and am disappointed that you are not still doing the waterloo wellies as these were amazing but have now split

5 stars30 March 2015

Kula Ladies - bought two sizes up from my usual foot size (one size up from my usual Vivobarefoot size). The removable inner fits nicely at size 41 so I'm please I sized up in that regard. The outer feels a tad too big but if I'd gone smaller the user wouldn't have fitted so I'm glad of my overall decision. The boots are waterproof, warm and I've had loads of compliments. The tub a nit on the back of my calf/Achilles where the canas/rubber join is. Hoping this will soften/be is more flexible with time.

5 stars18 March 2015

Kula Ladies - Bring on the snow…
Took these barefoot boots out to Chamonix, France for the week as my off piste option.
Let's just say no one took the piste out of me.

4 stars13 March 2015

Kula Ladies - Better than I expected!

5 stars26 February 2015

Kula Ladies - They've been great in the horrible Boston winter.

1 stars17 February 2015

Kula Ladies - Toebox felt very narrow and the upper part of the shoe was way too stiff. The shoes were very akward to walk in. The only good thing about these shoes is that they look nice. In comparison, I have Vivobarefoot One shoes, and those are very spacious and excellent for my feet.

5 stars12 February 2015

Kula Ladies - I am always frustrated to find so many other vivo products out on other sites, why do they not all get on to your site is very annoying, i love your products but you don't make it easy to get them!

2 stars02 February 2015

Kula Ladies - I felt the toe box was too narrow even though I have narrow feet. and it was too stiff. I returned them

5 stars19 January 2015

Kula Ladies - These are excellent boots for the cold climate.

2 stars17 January 2015

Kula Ladies - I live in Canada (Montreal and Calgary), and unfortunately the Kula boots do not live up to the term "winter-proof". Wearing the boots, in -20 degrees (celsius), my feet turn to ice cubes within 15 minutes or so. If I wear two pairs of wool socks I can get by for 45 min, which is what I've had to start doing to make these boots winter appropriate. I think you should update details on your website to include a maximum cold temperature the boots can withstand. I love the boots' barefoot feeling, but unfortunately they don't do the trick. And since they're a winter style, I also can't use them during any other season. I plan to write/tweet about this, as I think it's important for your Canadian customers to know these boots can't keep the feet warm in our temperatures. I will buy other products from you in the future, but I won't buy winter-specific shoes from Vivo again. I have a lot of good to say about the style and barefoot aspects of Kula, but they are not Winter-proof. Still love your company, wish my first purchase with you had worked out a bit better.

2 stars14 January 2015

Kula Ladies - I really wish I loved these boots. But the toe box is way too narrow, especially for a minimal shoe, and the heel is wide so that my foot slides around in the boot. Plus the sides of the boot are really stiff, so my gait is very clumpy when I wear them. I don't have the money to get another pair of boots any time soon and I probably should have returned them but I do like the way they're really waterproof and warm. So I'm praying they break in, but please please please try for bigger toe boxes!

5 stars24 December 2014

Kula Ladies - The box was damaged during shipping but the product was fine. May want to think about a more protective way to ship.

2 stars23 December 2014

Kula Ladies - not satisfiied with the product

5 stars23 December 2014

Kula Ladies - Nice shoes!

4 stars22 December 2014

Kula Ladies - The boots are lovely but too narrow for my feet. When I started shopping at Vivo I could wear all the shoes but over the years the range has reduced until I cannot wear any of the ladies shoes and now it looks like not the boots either! I do not even have very wide feet but they are used to barefoot shoes so like to spread out. What is happening to your products?

4 stars12 December 2014

Kula Ladies - Beautiful and warm but a bit clumsy to drive in (okay, it's not made for driving but for strolling in snow��)

1 stars12 December 2014

Kula Ladies - the picture showed the boots curling. I received boots that DID NOT curl. The soles were like all other boots. Not barefoot at all.

5 stars09 December 2014

Kula Ladies - I'm so far thoroughly enjoying these shoes. Thank you for creating such beautifully functional and comfortable shoes!

5 stars27 November 2014

Kula Ladies - Very warm. Waiting for cold weather!!

4 stars21 November 2014

Kula Ladies - They look great..the 39 was way too big though and the 38 lining is a bit small compaired with the shoe... Its not been cold enough to say if they are excellent or not...i worry that they are goiing to split at the seam where the toes bend?? Hope not! And the cream plastic stains really easily!! But i like them!!

4 stars13 November 2014

Kula Ladies - Soles not as supple as to be expected from Vivobarefoot otherwise good winter product.

2 stars04 November 2014

Kula Ladies - They are winterproof but are not a barefoot shoe. I understand that there must be a trade off between winterproof and thin flexible soles but this is not a good compromise.

5 stars03 November 2014

Kula Ladies - The fit is great an I can't wait for it to snow!

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