Handcut Bannister
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Handcut Bannister
Handcut Bannister
Handcut Bannister
Handcut Bannister
Handcut Bannister
Handcut Bannister

Handcut Bannister

Classic tennis shoe made in luxury polished leather
was €315.00now €137.00

A true brand leader in quality and style, the Bannister continues to wow with sleek, polished, hand finished leather craftsmanship.

Style code: 200022-03



This classic heritage tennis shoe, designed in England by Head Designer Asher Clark and Made in Portugal, effortlessly marries ancient wisdom with modern technology. You'll get total flexibility from the unlined leather as your feet behave as if they are barefoot in style. The 4mm sole is stiffer than other VIVOBAREFOOT shoes but is still allows your Great Toe to engage rapidly with the ground as well as independent rear and fore-foot movement.

The Bannister holds its own in terms of style, quality and barefoot principles; staying true to our unique Pure Barefoot Technology principles and built to our high standards. Your feet will thank you for it as you'll be using them as nature intended.


  • A quick lunch and a decent chat
  • Commuting to work and fighting for a seat
  • Catching a late film with your other half
  • Discovering the wonders of Shanghai.
Upper material
Upper description
V Premium Leather
Sole unit
Sole thickness
Sole description
Pure rubber with subtle double hexagon grip.
Lace-up System: Fasten securely with simple tie-up lace.
Hand crafted using minimal components and minimum chrome leathers
5 stars19 August 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - Beautiful comfy great

5 stars18 August 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - A bit stiff to start with, but I think they'll be good.

1 stars16 August 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - the shoes does not seem barefoot, sole is not flexible

4 stars09 August 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - Excellent online service.

5 stars08 August 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - Yah though they are a little squeaky.

2 stars04 August 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - Very stiff shoes, not supple at all and fairly unconfortable to walk with.

2 stars23 July 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - These were not comfortable for me. I thought they would be softer. I returned them & got a swift refund. Great customer service!

4 stars10 July 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - I like the idea of these shoes but the sizing was off and the look with the leather was different than expected. If these were made in canvas is much more prefer them!

5 stars09 July 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - They felt a bit stiff to begin with but as I am wearing them more, they are easing a bit - they look super

4 stars09 July 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - Unfortunately as I ordered online, I didn't appreciate how ugly the shoes look on big feet (UK size 7). Very comfortable though and no rubbing!

5 stars05 July 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - Great!

5 stars04 July 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - style is great. i'm a little concerned about how long the shoe laces will last as there's already a slight tear.

5 stars04 July 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - You can see the craftsmanship that went into these shoes. There is exceptional attention to detail. Definitely a luxury shoe and worth the price! I will say now I have not tested these outside of my apartment yet, so I can't speak to how they will wear. The sole is thicker and a bit more stiff than the other Vivobarefoot shoes. I usually wear a 7.5-8 and got the 7.5. There is some extra room in the toe area, but I would not want to go smaller. The shoe fits well everywhere else and having more room for my toes is okay for me! I also have the Gobi II Desert boot in a 7.5 and need to wear an insole in that, so they are smaller than the Gobi, if that helps for reference. The box says they have a removable insole, but I do not think that is the case. They are lined with leather. The laces are leather as well. Not sure how they will hold up, but easy enough to replace with leather lacing from a craft store or regular laces. I cannot stop staring at these shoes! Will try to post once I've worn them a bit.

5 stars26 June 2015

Handcut Bannister White Ladies - I am a regular Vivobarefoot customer. Very comfortable shoes

5 stars24 June 2015

Handcut Bannister White Ladies - I really like these bannisters though I think they are not really for wearing in the rain due to leather section on sole. I really hope Vivo will continue to bring out more stylish options in the stylish women's range. Much as I would like to, I cannot wear the penny loafers, for example, as 39 is too small and 40 gapes around toe area as i simply do not have a rounded toe form. More designs for narrower feet please - I am a convert with nothing to buy!!

2 stars17 June 2015

Handcut Bannister White Ladies - Too big in size

4 stars16 June 2015

Handcut Bannister White Ladies - The return/refund process could be more professional. For example, in showing clear options between refund and exchange. I wanted to exchange my shoes since they sent the wrong size, but they refunded me instead since the sheet didn't specify which one I wanted.

5 stars27 May 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - The shoes are great now, though the size 6 was way too big and I had to re-order a 5, (i always wear a size 6 so I think that a size issue may have occurred during the manufacturing process).

5 stars25 May 2015

Handcut Bannister White Ladies - Amazing quality footwear. Great fit even for slender feet.

5 stars22 May 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - The first pair were way too big so I sent for a smaller pair which are gorgeous and fit really well. This could be a common problem as I always wear size six and I have ended up with a five.

4 stars20 May 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - I got then with a leather shoelaces. My husband got textile ones... Hmmm

A but stiff at first but got softer with wearing.

5 stars11 May 2015

Handcut Bannister White Ladies - They are beautiful, the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

5 stars08 May 2015

Handcut Bannister White Ladies - Really comfortable.

5 stars02 May 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - My best pair of shoes since I had foot surgery in August!! My doctor warned me that I would have to wear inserts from now on, but i refused to believe him. Now I know I am right - let the foot have space and it will do fine. Most shoes are too narrow and that puts the wrong pressure on the metatarsal bones and throws off the normal gait and balance - even though I have steel pins in part of my foot I am as close to barefoot as it gets!!

4 stars23 April 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - Well made however the fit was not good (narrow) so I had to send these back.

5 stars16 April 2015

Handcut Bannister Ladies - These are marvellous. So luxurious and such a simple design

2 stars13 April 2015

Bannister Ladies - Lovely shoe, sizing totally incorrect, cost me €30 to return (which I consider the fault of Vivobarefoot) as the shoe is a full size bigger than any other vivobarefoot shoe I own (that's 6 pairs) resulting in a total cost of €210 for the shoes.... they're nice but I feel I've been ripped off

5 stars21 November 2014

Bannister Ladies - Well made & comfortable

4 stars17 November 2014

Bannister Ladies - Beau look ; très confortables (bien larges) ; belle qualité.
Mais : en ce moment il pleut beaucoup chez moi et j'ai constaté l'apparition d'une sorte de liseré tortueux sous la bande jaune...???

5 stars08 October 2014

Bannister Ladies - Service was very quick, delivery with no problem, clear communication. Thank you very much :-)

4 stars18 September 2014

Bannister Ladies - Good product - just not for me. returned.

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