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Natural foot-function is the foundation of efficient, injury-free movement. Conversely, un-natural, compromised foot function is often the root cause of movement related pain.

Coming soon, Vivobarefoot are launching a foot/body/age diagnostic is designed as a simple but powerful biomechanical assessment tool that can be used to deliver a personalized guide for you to transition to living barefoot. Sign up below to be one of the first to try this new feature.


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These short 1-2-1 sessions are designed to re-introduce your body to natural movement. With a strong focus on healthy strong feet, each session will explore the basic skills of standing, squatting and walking, and will show you how living and moving barefoot can significantly impact these natural skills. Long term use of unnatural footwear can often predispose the feet, ankles and toes to immobility, soft tissue tightness and reduced strength. Let us take you through a series of simple exercises to restore elasticity and strength in your feet and ankles - we are confident that we can help you to reawaken your sense of natural movement. Book your introductory session in store now!

Introduction to Natural Movement sessions cost £35 (London in-store booking only)  Call 020-7379-5959 for more details.


Personal Technique Coaching

These 90-minute 1-2-1 sessions will give you all the coaching you need to transition confidently to skilful barefoot running, or to improve your technique and performance.  Delivered by one of our top coaches, Pete Ford, each session will begin with a detailed assessment, specific exercise drills and before/after video analysis of your running form.  Whether you are an experienced runner, are just starting out, or  have been experiencing pain while running and want to improve your technique, this session is the one for you.


Personal Coaching sessions cost £100

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