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Beyond the Ultimate

Beyond the Ultimate ultra marathon race series

Specialists in providing extreme challenges to ultra-runners around the world, Beyond The Ultimate have created four incredible races set against jungle, ice, mountain and desert backdrops. From the Arctic Circle to the Amazon, the Ultimate Ultra Race series covers every terrain and poses unique demands on any ultra-runner, making Beyond The Ultimate the perfect partner for VIVOBAREFOOT. We believe well-trained barefoot running technique will better equip runners to deal with the pressures and strains placed on the body over extreme distances.


Ice Ultra

Ice UltraIce Ultra Logo

The Ice Ultra is an extreme footrace through Arctic Sweden offering an incredible adventure over 230km of some of the most pristine snow covered landscapes in the world. With snow fields, mountains and frozen lakes, the Ice Ultra offers a demanding route in challenging conditions with temperatures dipping up to - 30°C.

Starting amongst the Kungsleden trail, you will enter a UNESCO World Heritage area so remote that snow mobiles are not even permitted to enter. With the freezing temperatures and various terrains testing your physical and mental endurance, the Ice Ultra offers an amazing adventure and one of the biggest ultra-marathon challenges!

As a self-sufficient race you will responsible for carrying your entire kit and equipment during the 230km race, including food, sleeping bag, safety equipment and a minimum of 1.5 litres of water which can be re-filled at various checkpoints and water stations along the stages. Running in Arctic conditions can mean extra kit is needed compared to some of our other ultras, making an already challenging course exceptionally harder.

We're created a special edition Winterproof Trail Freak for the Artic conditions expected at the Ice Ultra. Available from Autumn 2014, the waterproof and insulated trail running shoe is the perfect companion for cold and snowy trails.

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Jungle Ultra

Jungle UltraJungle Ultra Logo

This is the Jungle Ultra, prepare for everything, expect the unexpected. A footrace that takes you through some of the most amazing terrain on our planet, Cloud Forests, Jungles, Amazon Villages and Towns that seem to appear from nowhere. The Jungle Ultra is an extreme 230km ultra marathon from the Andes in to the heart of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.

Beginning in Cloud Forest at a height of 10,500ft your race will begin with stunning views of the Amazon before you begin the long descent into the midst of the jungle. You will face temperatures of up to 38°C and humidity levels of 100% as you encounter the tough terrain of the jungle and face the numerous inclines and declines of the course. With over 70 river crossings to cool you down and test your adventurous side, including zip wires, rafts and simply wading through the water, the Jungle Ultra offers you the chance to explore an area so pristine and remote that only BTU and the Jungle Ultra athletes are permitted access alone.

The race is set up in a self-sufficient style, meaning you will also be carrying your own hammock, sleeping bag, food and supplies for the entire race, replenishing your (minimum) 2.5 litres of water along the way at check points and base camps.

With extremely tough conditions and the relentless nature of the jungle, this ultra will test your limits as well as your sense of adventure! Pick the right tools for the job (the Trail Freak of course) and prepare correctly and you'll be duely rewarded.

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Moutain Ultra

Mountain UltraMountain Ultra

The Ultimate in Mountain Racing in the heart of the Himalayas, Nepal.  The Mountain Ultra offers a tough and exciting race through the worlds largest mountain range, taking in ancient paths and routes originally set by the Ghurkhas as they conquered Kathmandu.

The 220km course winds its way through some of the most picturesque villages and mountains in the world.  An awe inspiring mix of rivers, switch backs, trails and mountains to wow the most experienced runners and newbie alike – this is one adventure filled footrace. 

As the world’s first and only self-sufficient mountain ultra-marathon you will need to carry your entire kit with you across the mountains including your sleeping bag, food for the entire race and a minimum of 2.5 litres of water which can be refilled at checkpoints and water stations along the way. 

Carrying your kit over this extremely demanding and technical course, combined with high altitude and unstable weather conditions ensures that you are tested to your limits as you complete this amazing race.  With 38000ft of vert and peaks of over 8000ft this is a race to test the spirit, mind and body and what better place to do this than the Nepal!

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Desert Ultra

Desert UltraDesert Ultra Logo

With a 250km course set in the dry heat of the Namib Desert, the Desert Ultra provides a phenomenal challenge to those who are willing to take it.  

Beginning close to the magnificent Spitskoppe Mountains, you will experience the hostile nature of the Desert as yu travel 98km during the first two stages alone.  As the race progresses you will travel through stretching grasslands, push  your leg muscles as you face relentless rolling sand dunes and cross the Ugab River, an underground river flowing above the surface only a few days a year, all to the majestic background of a volcano and mountain ranges.  

With temperatures reaching 35°C it isn't just the distance and sand dunes that you will have to compete with to finish the Desert Ultra!

As a self-sufficient race you will be responsible for carrying all of your kit and equipment for the entire race, which includes a sleeping bag, food, safety equipment and a minimum of 2.5 litres, available to re-fill at various checkpoints and water stations along the route.  Carrying equipment in the heat of the desert is tough and will require a  high standard of mental and physical endurance if you are to succeed in this race!

The Trail Freak, with its breathable upper mesh, unprecidented grip and speed toggle lacing system, is the perfect shoe for the Desert Ultra.

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