The huarache barefoot running sandal
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From the beach to the street; Ulysses is perfect for summer-loving feet

Style code: 300038-04

Black/Red Navy/Orange


The ULYSSES, a modern take on the huarache running sandal, has been designed to let you move as nature intended, support your feet on beach runs and Summer strolls, and still feel the air between your toes.

With the ultra-thin, puncture resistant sole and finely tuned, slim line upper strap, you can’t get much closer to living barefoot than Ulysses, with all the underfoot protection your feet need. Ancient wisdom inspired it, modern technology refined it; Ulysses lets your feet move freely so you can take in the joys of Summer.

  • Beach runs and summer training
  • Spring time city sprints
  • City hopping and globetrotting
  • Sunny strolls and outdoor bars
Upper material
Upper description
PU Laminate on microfibre. Elastic straps.
Sole unit
V Sandal
Sole description
Abrasion resistant rubber bottom with 1.5mm layer for maximum comfort
100% Vegan
5 stars09 November 2015

Ulysses Uomo - Valutazione servizio : OTTIME SCARPE

4 stars05 November 2015

Ulysses Mens - I usually wear a size 11 but I tried the 10.5 and the Ulysses were a bit loose even with adjusting the straps. Other than that it is a great product.

4 stars03 November 2015

Ulysses Mens - they cause some irritation on by second toe, but that should go away once they are broken in/ once i am used to them.

5 stars01 November 2015

Ulysses Mens - I have now owned 8 pairs of vivobarefoot shoes. On the plus side, they are more comfortable by far than any other shoes in memory. On the negative side, the soles all seem to wear through pretty quickly, relative to other brands of shoes, and always in the same spot - in front of the toes where the rubber bends upwards.

5 stars31 October 2015

Ulysses Mens - Excellent

4 stars29 October 2015

Ulysses Mens - The lanyard rubbed the inside of my toe raw the first day I wore them, but afterward they fit nicely... I haven't worn sandals in about 4 years so it could just be a result of the changed feetback on the foot..

5 stars22 October 2015

Ulysses Mens - Shoes arrived days after delivery date.

5 stars19 October 2015

Ulysses Mens - Could have sent a message that you were out of stock of that size. That was the only problem, but worth the wait. Thank you so much.

4 stars14 October 2015

Ulysses Mens - great on-line experience

5 stars12 October 2015

Ulysses Mens - I love to go barefoot as much as possible, so the Ulysses is a great option when bare feet don't work. I take them on trips and they are perfect for working out at hotels and for runs. They take up almost no room in the suitcase. They also are great for casual wear like a flip flop. The backstrap keeps it snug on the foot for running, but I wish it was removable for casual wear. Thanks!

2 stars11 October 2015

Ulysses Mens - The size was very big for what I ordered although the same size in the Ra II leather in the same size fit just fine.

5 stars10 October 2015

Ulysses Mens - I love the feel of these, they are barely there but still protect my feet from the burning pavent of summertime in Arizona!

5 stars10 October 2015

Ulysses Mens - Like the minimum flat sole. Appears that they will wear well and be durable. I leave the back strap just slightly loose so that I can slip them on and off without undoing the velcro. Just a little loose allows me to still reap the benefit of a back strap. With the back strap there is no flip-flop-slop and I can complete the occasional run across the parking lot without running out of the sandal.

5 stars08 October 2015

Ulysses Mens - Excellent all around!

5 stars07 October 2015

Ulysses Mens - I love these sandals!

5 stars07 October 2015

Ulysses Mens - Excellent

5 stars06 October 2015

Ulysses Mens - Fit good look a little odd in a good way have to get used to them

5 stars02 October 2015

Ulysses Mens - Already got one pair, bought a second. Best ever - way better than flip flops or 'normal' sandals

4 stars29 September 2015

Ulysses Mens - good fit

4 stars24 September 2015

Ulysses Mens - Customer service was once again perfect...

4 stars21 September 2015

Ulysses Mens - 2nd pair and I hope these last longer as I really like them

4 stars11 September 2015

Ulysses Mens - There is already some fraying around the toe strap.

4 stars08 September 2015

Ulysses Mens - For me, an almost excellent merge between flip flop and shoe. My only problem with it, is that the strap that forms the toe strap is folded in such a way that the sharp edge points towards the inside of the big toe. Any toe strap should be shaped like the curvature between the toes, or at least lie length-wise between the toes, not side ways. It gives minor discomfort, but not blisters like the straps and stitching on a lot of flip flops do.

5 stars03 September 2015

Ulysses Mens - awesome loved it

2 stars01 September 2015

Ulysses Mens - Incredibly uncomfortable and very disappointing. Will be selling them on eBay immediately.

5 stars31 August 2015

Ulysses Mens - very satisfied, I got 3 models now.

A black sneaker, gobi leather and ulysess. All of which are really enjoyable and my favorite casual shoes.

Minor remarks though:
-the stiching on the gobi is a bit fragile
-the ulyssess's sole could be cut sharper with slightly smoothed out/rounded edges; especially as it's not exactly cheap

4 stars17 August 2015

Ulysses Mens - They look and feel great, but are a little too big. It would be great if you had the US men's 8 as a size.

4 stars17 August 2015

Ulysses Hombre - bien

5 stars16 August 2015

Ulysses Uomo - Valutazione servizio : Ottimo Il servizio di consegna. Ottimo il modello di calzatura acquistato.
Prodotto : Ottimo sandalo estivo, mi calza perfettamente (sono un 45 pianta larga e il 45 del sandalo è perfetto per me) CI faccio anche qualche sprint.

4 stars09 August 2015

Ulysses Mens - Product as expected, and usual high quality.

5 stars08 August 2015

Ulysses Uomo - Valutazione servizio : Ottimo come sempre.
Prodotto : Molto fresche e comode. Ottimo rispetto al precedente la possibilità di stringerle.

5 stars07 August 2015

Ulysses Mens - fine, as expected.

2 stars06 August 2015

Ulysses Mens - Fit is my problem. The materials are great, they look fantastic and for kettlebell swings and weight lifting out side they are great, but! I found the toe post is too far forward which makes my big toe creep over the front of the sole whilst walking, which is uncomfortable and then leaves a lot of material behind the heel that catches. The sole is the right size just in the wrong place.

5 stars03 August 2015

Ulysses Mens - Love them don't wear anything else now

5 stars03 August 2015

Ulysses Hombre - Puntuación del servicio : Muy muy bien servicio
Producto : Mucha calidad y bonitas, las recomiendo

5 stars28 July 2015

Ulysses Mens - Very comfy. They don't come off if you have to run. I've used them in the sea etc. V happy

1 stars28 July 2015

Ulysses Hombre - Puntuación del servicio : En general me viene muy bien la forma de sus calzados. Mejor apoyos, dedos libres, buen trabajo para mis pies...
Producto : Me hacen daño entre los dedos (gordo y 2 dedo del pie). Por consecuencia no la puedo usar...

4 stars25 July 2015

Ulysses Hombre - Precio elevado

5 stars25 July 2015

Ulysses Mens - --

5 stars24 July 2015

Ulysses Uomo - Valutazione servizio : Servizio perfetto. Ho dovuto rispedire gli Ulysses di taglia 42 perché erano troppo grandi per me. Mi ero basato su un paio di Breatho Trail che con quel numero calzavano perfettamente. Su mia richiesta mi sono stati spediti gli Ulysses di taglia 41. Il tutto risolto in un paio di settimane. Davvero un servizio fantastico.
Prodotto : Lì metto ovunque! Hanno sostituito le scarpe per gli spostamenti durante il giorno. Ottimi anche i materiali. Con mia piacevole meraviglia si sono rivelati ottimi anche per la corsa.

4 stars18 July 2015

Ulysses Mens - Only worn for a week, day in and day out: durable, packable, minimally functinal, true to size, featherweight.

5 stars12 July 2015

Ulysses Uomo - Valutazione servizio : Veloci
Prodotto : Sandali ottimi

4 stars08 July 2015


4 stars06 July 2015

Ulysses Hombre - Muy buen servicio y atención. Buena política de dtos. y ofertas en calzado para toda la familia.

4 stars01 July 2015

Ulysses Hombre - Puntuación del servicio : Todo correcto, sin problemas.
Producto : Muy comodas

2 stars01 July 2015

Ulysses Uomo - Valutazione servizio : Servizio, comunicazione e spedizione ottimi. Ottima anche l'idea alla base di vivobarefoot. Da attenzionare l'aspetto etico, tendere al vegan ed alle fibre vegetali.
Prodotto : La scarpa calza larga e quindi la suola non aderisce bene al piede, causando che il piede non sia un tutt'uno con la scarpa e che di tanto in tanto vada fuori dalla suola. Forse una fascia che passa sul collo del piede avrebbe potuto migliorare questo problema

4 stars30 June 2015

Ulysses Mens - I don't know why you want my review as I returned them. Well made. Achilles and Maran fine for me, these are uncomfortable due to the positioning of the toe strap.

5 stars30 June 2015

Ulysses Hombre - Puntuación del servicio : Soy adicto a esta marca. Muy cómodos, buenas sensaciones y estéticamente muy bien.
Producto : Lo más parecido a ir descalzo y estéticamente me gustan. Geniales!!!

5 stars30 June 2015

Ulysses Mens - I love my Ulysses so I had to get a pair for my husband :)

4 stars25 June 2015

Ulysses Uomo - Ottimo lavoro, complimenti e continuate così, tra le migliori scarpe e nuovi modi di vita percorsa, grazie.

5 stars23 June 2015

Ulysses Uomo - Valutazione servizio : Veloce
Prodotto : Fantastiche

2 stars22 June 2015

Ulysses Uomo - Valutazione servizio : Perfetto
Prodotto : Costoaoy

5 stars10 June 2015

Ulysses Mens - Don't want to take them off... :-)

5 stars30 April 2015

Ulysses Mens - They walk very nice with a good barefoot feeling.
The quality seems at first sight very good.

4 stars27 April 2015

Ulysses Mens - A sharp stitch caused a blister on the inside of my big toe. After two weeks it got better. Also, my fingers are quite spreaded, which causes my big toes hanging outside of the sole outline. other than that, they are very good.

4 stars26 April 2015

Ulysses Mens - Please increase your range of vegan work shoes for men as there are no 'formal' smart vegan leather or suede work style shoes available that are barefoot style. Like some vegan Portos etc.

2 stars22 April 2015

Ulysses Mens - I love all your products and I don't wear an other she brands besides vivobarefoot but the ulysses mens didn't fit well at all

4 stars15 April 2015

Ulysses Mens - elastic rub top of foot

4 stars15 April 2015

Ulysses Mens - Really good Concept, still poor product.
In general way, you need to solve issues like:
Slide up a lot, a lot.
Poor grip
Cloth always broken
to Cold

4 stars10 April 2015

Ulysses Mens -

5 stars09 April 2015

Ulysses Mens - good

5 stars06 April 2015

Ulysses Mens - These are so much better than wearing flip-flops. Please, keep making them.

5 stars04 April 2015

Ulysses Mens - solid product

5 stars30 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - Whilst service on this occasion wasn't great products remain excellent.

4 stars29 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - Should have a Canadian warehouse

5 stars24 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - Good response to my email

5 stars24 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - The products are good, the Freud's are a little less fashionable then I thought they'd be, very happy with the Ulysses, the ultras didn't last very long

5 stars23 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - I got the wrong size because it was on sale and I thought I could adjust it. I couldn't, but it still fits okay and I'm sure if I'd gotten the right size it would have been perfect. Great product.

5 stars21 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - Very prompt delivery, good discount, fabulous comfy shoes!

4 stars12 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - I have yet to give these a full trial yet as they are sandals and I am away from home.

5 stars12 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - very minimal, just the way we like em

5 stars12 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - First week my feet were sore, hurt a bit. After about a month, my feet feel better, stronger.

5 stars10 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - Received everything very quickly within 2 days from placing order for standard shipment. The products match size and description as expected.

4 stars09 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - I like the sandals--especially the foot bed. My only complaint is that the strap is a bit too loose, and there's no easy way to tighten it. Maybe I'll try sewing it.

4 stars08 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - Good

5 stars07 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - Perfect sandals for the summer. Sleek, stylish and barefoot!

5 stars07 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - It,s.not the first pair i have thanks for this excellent product

5 stars04 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - excellent alternative to the heavy trail type sandals that I have worn previously.

5 stars04 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - Very comfortable and stylish shoes with original design and good value for money at the discounted price

4 stars01 March 2015

Ulysses Mens - I have a few shoes size 42 but the sandals are a little on the loose side

4 stars28 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - Haven't worn much. They fit well.

4 stars28 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - Have not worn them yet but top notch presentation.

5 stars28 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - Absolutely amazing, good for those relaxing strolls at night or even a midnight jog

5 stars28 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - fit and comfort excellent

4 stars28 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - Dont know how durable will the rubber part be...

5 stars27 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - Grat alternative to more bulky sandals and incredibly more versatile than flip flops.

4 stars27 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - Good

4 stars27 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - Nice colour and good fit.

5 stars27 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - Very comfortable and my feet feel very stable in them, like they would in any of the other vivobarefoot shoes. It will be interesting to try a run in them when the weather gets better.

5 stars27 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - Simple and strong feet can breath - not sure I will run in them though

1 stars27 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - They are SO thick. Completly unlike anything i have ever bought from vivobarefoot. I cannot get them to fit mecomfortably. To have shoes like these i would have bought a pair of xeros and been done with it. These may as well say nike or Teva on the side.

5 stars26 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - I was limited in both size and color selection - the version in black sold out long before the sale - I would have bought these in black (or brown, had they existed) at full price. Now that I got them on sale in grey/white, I can say they are excellent and due to the back-strap they stay on my feet and don't make a sound like flip-flops do. I wish the back strap was adjustable so they could be tightened - I really should have a half or whole size down to make these more snug, but with an adjustable strap they would be perfect. Please continue to have a sandal like this in your lineup, but make them adjustable and add more color choices (like dark brown).

5 stars26 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - Excellent service and products!

5 stars26 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - This sandals look and feel great. I feel like they run a bit larger but since I haven't run with them I can't tell if is for performance reasons.

1 stars26 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - I own four pairs of size 13 (us) men's shoes and they all fit perfectly. The Ulysses was waaaaay too big!

4 stars24 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - The silver is blue... Not good. Warm colors for light skin. (european...)

5 stars23 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - They look awesome and were reasonably priced. Cannot wait for warmer weather to come so I can try them outdoors.

2 stars23 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - The string rubs on my big toe. I think the texture is too rough.

4 stars21 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - Does the job. The front of the sandal is susceptible to catching on slightly uneven ground.

1 stars21 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - I had high expectations for this shoe but it was the only one that was so bad I actually sent back. The sandal was worthless functionally. It hung, swung and dangled from my foot when i picked it up. I expected the shoe to fit snugly or at least have the ability to adjust but it did not.

5 stars21 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - The product is great. However, I will never purchase from VB again and will continue to share my experience. I owned 3 pairs of VB shoes prior to this purchase.

5 stars18 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - Superb

5 stars18 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - Really good, excellent distinctive design - a quality item

4 stars04 February 2015

Ulysses Mens - Comfortable, but allows twisting of foot

5 stars29 December 2014

Ulysses Mens - One of many vivobarefoot product I have purchased and up,to the usual quality standards

1 stars24 December 2014

Ulysses Mens - Nice of you to ask, but you cancelled them from my order without even asking if I would accept another colour or wait for them to be in stock.

5 stars22 December 2014

Ulysses Mens - Excellent

2 stars14 December 2014

Ulysses Mens - Item went on sale a few days later but had to physically return goods and purchase again to get saving. This was not practical given overseas location. More flexibility needed when dealing with returns. Will no longer buy vivobarefoot product.

5 stars12 December 2014

Ulysses Mens - great minimalist feel, style is excellent.

2 stars03 December 2014

Ulysses Mens - Unfortunately the Ulysses shoe does not hold together long!

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