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Made from beautiful, rich leather with metal eyelets, the Vivobarefoot Tracker Mens is a hiking boot that looks as good as it feels. Full waterproof Hydroguard lining allows you to get to grips with nature and thrive in the toughest terrain. 4.5mm lugs provide immense grip over the tougest, muddiest terrains.

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4 stars (51 Reviews)


Always wanted to get to grips with nature, and tackle the toughest terrains? The TRACKER allows you (and your feet) to thrive off-road.  A perfect tool if you’re into walking, hiking, the great outdoors, expeditions, mountaineering, extreme tours...the list is endless!

Made from a beautifully rich leather, this is the boot that looks good, and feels good. The full waterproof, Hydroguard lining protects you no matter how challenging the conditions, and let your feet do the work, whilst still protecting them from the elements....It’s you and the shoe. The design features metal eyelets, contrast laces, and a premium quality leather with abrasion leather and rip stop Nylon trimmings for increased durability

Built under the principles that your feet have all the technology you'll need, the TRACKER equips you with the necessary tools for the job: barefoot exploration!

Long (and short) hikes all year round,

walking the dogs,

heading out to the shops in the depths of England's snowy season,

your Christmas day family walk.

Upper material
Upper description
V Leather: V leather with abrasion leather and rip stop Nylon trimmings for increased durability. Ion Mask treatment for water resistance
Textile Lining
Sole unit
Sole thickness
Lace-up System: Fasten securely with simple tie-up lace.
Dri-Lex lining contains Sorona - a renewabley soured fibre
5 stars19 March 2015

Tracker Mens - Excellent

5 stars18 March 2015

Tracker Mens - Bosh, these are perfect for smashing nature's back door in. One step at a time.

4 stars14 March 2015

Tracker Mens - Seems very good so far. Too early to say. Hope they last.

4 stars13 March 2015

Tracker Mens - good

5 stars09 March 2015

Tracker Mens - Size to small so sending back

4 stars08 March 2015

Tracker Mens - tracker boots are good quality, but one is giving discomfort due to a stitching ridge across the heel, I have previously commented on what I think is the exorbitant cost of these boots, especially as they are made in China

5 stars27 February 2015

Tracker Mens - Like I said above your product is excellent

5 stars26 February 2015

Tracker Mens - Only drawback is a tendency to give me blisters just below my lateral malleols. Other than that - perfect.

4 stars24 February 2015

Tracker Mens - I've had quality issues with my product twice hence my need for customer services and just hope the problems have been resolved as I really like the shoes and would like to continue using them.

5 stars23 February 2015

Tracker Mens - Like wearing my slippers from the off! Went for the mens so I could get my insoles in to the boots. I am part of a group of Nixercise clients training to do the 3 Peaks in May. We are all in vivos!!

4 stars21 February 2015

Tracker Mens - Really nervous about spending so much money with you again as I have had no end of bother with the soles coming away. However I like what they do for my feet, so fingers crossed. Matt

5 stars21 February 2015

Tracker Mens - If you know hiking boots, then you are used to heavy, clunky hideous boots. This is not the Tracker. Compared to any other hiking boot I've worn (barefoot or not) it is my favorite. Traction is great. Super light weight. Excellent support for a boot of this weight. Beautiful, classic design. Durable leather (I like this because if you take care of leather it will out last synthetic)And I feel so agile in them! When is the last time you heard someone say that about a hiking boot! I can't speak of their durability just yet but, we'll see.

4 stars15 February 2015

Tracker Mens - good quality

2 stars09 February 2015

Tracker Mens - Initially very good. Great footbed shape and super comfortable but the hard plastic around the ankle digs in and has been very uncomfortable. The leather upper seems very soft and is already warn on one city outing. Long term user - long term critique of quality. But noting else has same foot feel for me. Wish everything was 30% cheaper. I think you'd make up for that in sales. Far too expensive for the feint durability.

4 stars07 February 2015

Tracker Mens - Again, apart from the lift in the toes they are great

5 stars05 February 2015

Tracker Mens - Loving my new boots so far. Super comfortable with no break in needed. Maybe a little too narrow for my wide foot but I expect them to relax a bit. Thanks!

4 stars01 February 2015

Tracker Mens - The leather started to come away from the sole at the forward flexion point, almost immediately. It was too complex/tedious to return them, so I made a quick repair locally. I wouldn't re-buy unless I knew that this problem was 100% resolved

1 stars30 January 2015

Tracker Mens - extremely comfortable, but very serious durability issues

5 stars28 January 2015

Tracker Mens - latest purchase is the Tracker boot, and I am really impressed with the fit, warmth, comfort and quality.

I'm a little concerned that the aggressive nature of the sole makes it prone to excessive wear if worn on pavement too often, but such is life...

5 stars28 January 2015

Tracker Mens - Excellent boots. But I still wish you would design a snow boot for men. You make them for women, but not for men.

5 stars22 January 2015

Tracker Mens - Delivered when projected,excellent service,will be a return customer

5 stars19 January 2015

Tracker Mens - Best boots I have ever owned. Period. Warm, dry, and supportive yet they maintain a connected feeling with the earth. Thank you.

5 stars09 January 2015

Tracker Mens - Keeps my feet warm but still gives me the minimal feel. Reasonably priced for the materials used and shipping was quick.

4 stars06 January 2015

Tracker Mens - The leather arrived very dry and scratched easily. It makes the boot seem cheap. I had to treat it with leather treatment. They should be further treated during production or a bottle of leather treatment should be included with the product.

4 stars04 January 2015

Tracker Mens - The product is excellent however there were a couple of slight manufacturing defects. I suspect that since the product was out of stock for so long that production was rushed and inspections and quality control slipped.

4 stars22 December 2014

Tracker Mens - Early days, but the Tracker seems to be a major advance on the Off Road Hi with better water-resistance and also improved toe box comfort. My only slight gripe is that having happily increased the leather coverage (and thus the boot's capacity to stay dry when speedily crossing standing water in muddy fields), the tongue itself remains fabric: consequently after 9 miles of such walking I had small damp patches on my socks... right under that breathable tongue. Unlike the still dry socks of my companions using traditional leather boots with leather or smilar tongues. Still In my ORH's I'd have expected both socks to be damp all over! So I'm pleased.. if they are still performing this way after a few hundred miles I'll be very impressed....

2 stars11 December 2014

Tracker Mens - Boots returned for a refund.

2 stars10 December 2014

Tracker Mens - Too tight, no room for toe splay or to lift my toes. Other than the size issue they seemed great. Warm and looked great but the new cramped fitting has put me right off. Going to see if I can still get the old vivos somewhere.

5 stars08 December 2014

Tracker Mens - Quality and worth every penny. Walking as it should be!

4 stars08 December 2014

Tracker Mens - Laces outer layer snapped on third usage which is why I can't say excellent.

2 stars07 December 2014

Tracker Mens - Extremely comfortable, I'd hate to have to go back to conventional wking boots! However, the boots, in no way possible, could ever be classed as waterproof, in fact they're more akin to sponges! I can't really comment on durability just yet, but I know the company are reducing their twelve month guarantee to 6 months - I suppose that speaks volumes

5 stars03 December 2014

Tracker Mens - I didn't try the shoes more than a few times inside the house to get a feel of them. They seemed very good and sturdy, that is why i got them again :)

4 stars02 December 2014

Tracker Mens - Overall fit of boot is good. Would have thought pinky toe would have a little more room to splay (not enough room to wear with correct toes. Needed at least another 1/8-1/4 in.)

Toe box is snug vertically; but not uncomfortable. I perceive it is due to the shoe being a hiking boot one does not need any foot sliding in shoe; however another 1/8 to 1/4 inch to allow for thicker wool socks with sock liner would be nice. I currently can only wear a mid weight toe sock comfortably.

Other than that minor issue the shoes did not need any breaking in and and get more comfortable every week of use. I Have ran in snow with a light Ice layer with minimal slipping.

2 stars28 November 2014

Tracker Mens - The upper edge of the heel support is too high. It gives me blisters on the outer malleolus (on the side).
Otherwise exactly the shue I have been looking for a long time.

5 stars21 November 2014

Tracker Mens - Very comfortable footwear, warmer than I was expecting but a little slick in the snow. Not sure how long the uppers are going to last. I really enjoy them though.

5 stars18 November 2014

Tracker Mens - Very supple leather and very light - the most comfortable pair of boots I've ever worn (also the most expensive - which is my only criticism) It will be interesting to see how well they wear and how repairable they are when worn. At tis price I expect a long life.

2 stars17 November 2014

Tracker Mens - both delivered pairs of shoes had serious faults, one interior lining fault at the heel resulting in a serious blister. one leather upper fault where the upper was inconsistent and rippled/flawed.

when i called up and spoke with charlotte, her resolution was swift.

only thing is, it cost me £22 to send the shoes back insured like i was told, i'm out of pocket for that still.

1 stars14 November 2014

Tracker Mens - let me forward the mail I sent to

5 stars13 November 2014

Tracker Mens - Slight reservation the heel stiffener in the right boot is rubbing under one ankle but gradually improving with usage.

5 stars13 November 2014

Tracker Mens - Great winter shoes at reasonable price. A true gift to be able to walk barefoot in wintertime. I literally enjoy every step, my lower back pain gone, I am so grateful for what you are doing guys

5 stars07 November 2014

Tracker Mens - Wide enough, as I already trust Vivobarefoot shoes to be, good grip on bicycle pedals, solid. Very pleased.

4 stars07 November 2014

Tracker Mens - I have wide feet, normally finding something size 10 fits fine. I have two pairs of Neo Trail running shoes size 10 that fit fine with or without insole. I assumed the tracker would be a size 10 but found it tight across the bridge (where the laces begin) rather than the toe box hence the return.

4 stars05 November 2014

Tracker Mens - I've bought a number of different shoe types from Vivovarefoot over the past year and have been very happy with them. They are the only shoe I currrently use. Any issues I've had were also quickly resolved.

4 stars04 November 2014

Tracker Mens - Nice boot, waterproofing needs a bit of work, little bit stiff round the ankles when compared with the sole flexibility feels a bit odd but I'm sure it will wear in.

5 stars02 November 2014

Tracker Mens - Really comfortable walking boots - ordered my barefoot shoe size and fit is perfect
quality very good

4 stars31 October 2014

Tracker Mens - Great Service

4 stars31 October 2014

Tracker Mens - See previous review

1 stars30 October 2014

Tracker Mens - I really do not understand the design of Tracker boots.
The toe box is wide enough but absolutely too shallow. I cannot image whose toes would fit in the boots.
Bad bad very bad design.
I chose another brand and now I am surprisingly happy.
Most likely I will not even think about moving back to vivobarefoot.

2 stars28 October 2014

Tracker Mens - Had to return them as they come nowhere near to fitting my feet. Way to narrow and too short. I have found this with several Vivo products, the Ra shoes are brilliant and most of the trainers I use, but other products like the boots and hybrid golf shoes (and one or two of the trainers) just dont fit at all. It is like they are two sizes smaller. I have just returned the Trackers to you for this very reason. Put one boot on in my front room and immediately they dont fit (at all). Pity that I still need a pair of boots!

5 stars27 October 2014

Tracker Mens - Excellent design and very well made. Comfortable from the first moment. Not cheap.

5 stars27 October 2014

Tracker Mens - ...

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