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Handcut Lisbon
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Handcut Lisbon
Handcut Lisbon
Handcut Lisbon
Handcut Lisbon
Handcut Lisbon
Handcut Lisbon

Handcut Lisbon

Premium handcut luxury dress shoe
was €360.00now €150.00

Made with the finest hand cut Portuguese leather, we tip our hats and raise a well cut glass to the decidedly smart Lisbon.

Style code: 300025-01

Black Dark Brown


The Lisbon is our beautifully crafted formal dress shoe. Available in polished black or brown leather and free of fuss or embellishment, besuited style breathes effortlessly with every step; a shoe for a true gentleman. The leather footbed is durable yet comfortable and will form around your foot. The Lisbon is a premium shoe designed to be hard wearing and comfortable, and as ever, finished to our highest crafting standards.

Like all our hand cut range, you'll get total flexibility from the unlined leather. The 4mm sole is stiffer than other Vivobarefoot shoes but still allows your toes to engage with the ground beneath you. Over a period of three to four weeks, the sole will soften and adapt specifially to your foot, offering you the true benefits of natural movement.

  • Heading to the city with gentleman's style.
  • Looking dapper for the big meeting.
  • Feeling fresh for a first date.
  • Being the suavest guy at the party.


Upper material
Suede leather
Upper description
V Premium Leather
Sole unit
Sole thickness
Sole description
Pure rubber with subtle double hexagon grip.
Lace-up System: Fasten securely with simple tie-up lace.
Hand crafted using minimal components and minimum chrome leathers
4 stars22 November 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Otherwise all good, except the sole could be up to 5-10 mm wider.

2 stars12 November 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - These don't really work for me - the leather and style should say smart shoe, especially at the list price, but the compromises that need to be made for an anatomic fit means that it just doesn't look that special on. A shame, but really doesn't look like a shoe that costs that much, compared to much more interesting and cheaper shoes by Vivobarefoot.

5 stars23 October 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - My second pair. V smart in brown.

5 stars20 October 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - I have been looking for these shoes for over 10 years. I have looked and looked everywhere for barefooting dress shoes. I have purchased many pairs of other shoes and blackened the soles and polished them like a Marine, but it was always obvious no matter how much effort I put into it that the shoes were not dress shoes. These are not only barefoot dress shoes, but they are extremely high quality and comfortable. We will see if they hold their stitches; I have noticed that your shoes fall apart pretty fast usually; which is generally very disappointing given the prices you charge. Your shoes often last less time than what I would expect a $30 walmart pair to last. Send me this again in a few years, and I'll report on whether or not they were put together as well as they seem.

4 stars13 October 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Lisbons perform really well: they're comfortable to walk in and a nice flexible barefoot shoe. Well made as well, and i particularly like the composite sole, which combines the good looks of leather with the grip of rubber. Only minor negative is in looks and i wonder if they could be made smarter with a bit of detailing (without compromising the feel). For example, the join between vamp and quarter looks a bit "heavy" when i compare against my normal church's. Nevertheless, a good shoe and i'd buy again.

5 stars12 October 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Excellent product and very happy to see this in a size 14 (UK)

5 stars09 October 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Bit tight to start with, but are wearing in. Look like they will age well

4 stars01 October 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - I don't really know yet since I bought them for a wedding which hasn't happened yet, but they definitely seem less compfrtable than I expected

4 stars29 September 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Good fit

5 stars29 September 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - The best dress shoe I have ever worn. Thank you for saving my feet.

4 stars27 September 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Very high quality shoes, but they run large. Had to exchange for half size down. Once I receive the new ones, I'm sure they'll be amazing.

4 stars25 September 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - I liked the quality of the shoe but the shoe size was too big and I didn't like how rounded the front of the shoe was.

1 stars25 September 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - The shoe is not at all what I expected. In the ads and on the web page, it looks like essentially a better looking replacement for the "everyday street" shoe I bought about 2 years ago(which by the way is not available anymore) --except it is not a replacement at all. Unlike what you'd expect from Vivobarefoot, it is not a soft soled shoe at all. It has a hard sole --indeed hard enough so that my shoemaker put on heel plates with tacks to demonstrate that it was the same as any other shoe sole. There is no feel of my foot on the surface as I walk, which is supposed to be the distinguishing feature of Vivobarefoot. The shoe in not nearly as supple and flexible as a typical Vivobarefoot shoe, although the picture on the web site shows it bending like any other shoe. Because of the lack of suppleness, it is just like packing any other shoe in a suitcase. I waited months to get this shoe in black in a US size that would fit me. it is a real disappointment.
This is my second bad experience with Vivobarefoot in a row. I bought Ultra II. When I want to use it this summer to run along the beach front, it was a real disappointment. First of all, it does not drain sand, although other water shoes on the market do drain the sand. Second, the inside surface is too coarse. It was literally rubbing my feet raw to the point of bleeding unless I covered my feet with socks or tape --which defeats the purpose of a water shoe. Finally, the sole is pretty hard if the idea of the shoe is to give a barefoot feel. I had to give the shoes up. I suppose I can still use them with socks to run on regular surfaces but that is not why I bought them and it will still not give me a barefoot feel like the Evo Pure which I use for surface running but I may be able to use the Ultra II if and when I run on trails..
I am rethinking my whole use of Vivobarefoot and wondering if I am not better off with some of the other minimalist shoe offerings that are around. My sons have shifted to them and are quite satisfied.

5 stars20 September 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Super comfortable

5 stars18 September 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Very good. Exactly what you want in terms of delivery etc

5 stars13 September 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - The quality seems good, love the looks & fit

5 stars06 September 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Just perfect. I'm sure gona buy the black ones. But I have to earn some money first, they are expensive as hell... But sure worth it.

1 stars31 August 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - The sole was too stiff and the shoe felt clumsy. The shoes were also very heavy.

5 stars29 August 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Absolutely love these shoes, all the benefits of being barefoot in a dress shoe. Perfect for work they look great with a suit.

5 stars27 August 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - As above. Grateful for more dressy shoe in a zero rise.

4 stars21 August 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - The shoes feel more rigid than I expected.

5 stars11 August 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - More colours please!

5 stars10 August 2015

Handcut Lisbon Hombre - El paquete de envio no era el adequado, enviando la caja de zapatos directametne dentro de una bolsa. La caja llego dañada y con los zapatos fuera de la caja. Por suerte no presentan ningún desgarre.
El modo de envio del producto no esta a la altura de la calidad del mismo, o del precio que se pide por ello.

5 stars08 August 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Ottime scarpe formali anche se danno l'impressione di essere più grandi di quanto siano realmente. Il comfort e feedback non è comunque al pari di altri modelli comunque meno formali come le RA.

5 stars31 July 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Very comfortable

5 stars28 July 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Greater leather, look like 'normal' shoes in that they are not too broad at the front. No VB symbol as well - this is essential.

4 stars26 July 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Best looking 'barefoot' shoe I have seen. Comfortable for a formal shoe though without the supreme flexibility of the Vivobarefoot running shoes due to different sole. Nonetheless, was impressed so ordered another pair.

4 stars23 July 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - great shoes, but arrived damaged and I could not exchange for undamaged pair.
It would be great if you offered a vegan shoes similar to Ra model.

5 stars22 July 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Fantastic

5 stars06 July 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Finally a shoe I can wear for work with zero drop, wide toe box and looks good. As I wear five fingers outside of work had struggled previously to find a suitable dress shoe.

4 stars01 July 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Good

5 stars30 June 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Beautiful shoes. Great philosophy.

4 stars23 June 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Leather ended up looking less smart than on the picture, but Inrealise that at rhis price point this is excellent value. I can of course better it through shining and will do it!

4 stars15 June 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - inbetween size

4 stars06 June 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - I am surprised at how solid the sole is. I expect this will soften over the coming weeks as I wear them. Also, at the price, I think they could look significantly better - they are quite basic looking. It's nice to have room for my foot to follow it's natural motion, but you could have this AND improve the look of them - the front could be extended and brought more central so that the anatomical outside curve around the toes doesn't look so goofy.

5 stars05 June 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Very pleased with this shoe. One of the only barefoot shoes that can pair with a suit in a legitimate white-collar work environment.

4 stars28 May 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - I like the idea behind the shoe. Would like a tan option. Keep perfecting the design.

5 stars26 May 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - very fast and reliable delivery

5 stars25 May 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Excellent shoes ... very comfortable.

5 stars24 May 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - So far the only dress shoe in its class. I imagine it's hard to get the feel of the ground while maintaining the classy look. I think that getting a better feel of the ground is the only place for improvement.

5 stars20 May 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Great shoe

4 stars17 May 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - runs large but very confortable and light. Will rate excellent next year if resistant.

5 stars15 May 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Love the shoes. Alternate designs for zero drop wide toe box dress shoes would be nice. Black and brown are identical.

4 stars10 May 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Descent quality, too small, still need to return for a larger size, couldn't get foot to fit, despite being 1 size too small. e-mail: *personal details removed by Feefo*

4 stars05 May 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - The shoes are good, I have a slightly smaller pair than I would like but the ideal size is not an option. I would recommend having a wider selection of sizes.

4 stars30 April 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Would be even better if you could pay with Maestro or Bancontact on top of just a credit card.

4 stars25 April 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Good

5 stars25 April 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - you should list the EU eqivalent size on the US website
It was hard to find out my correct size because I couldn't find consistent information so I ordered 2 pairs and will return one

4 stars23 April 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Still breaking them in.

5 stars23 April 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Returns service is excellent

5 stars23 April 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Very handsome

5 stars23 April 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - gorgeous shoes! I already own about 15 pairs of various vivobarefoot shoes, and these are truly the tops... just wish I could afford more of these hand made models. waiting for another chance at a deep discount ;-)

5 stars22 April 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - These are nice, soft and comfortable and make my feet feel like they are in slippers, not shoes

5 stars22 April 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - These are beautiful, high-quality shoes. My husband fell in love with his Vivo Gobi shoes and wanted to continue the great feeling into his work wardrobe. The Lisbon are perfect A little stiffer than the soft suede Gobis, but they will break-in beautifully and become like a second-skin.

4 stars22 April 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Nice, but very expensive.

5 stars22 April 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - comfortable -

4 stars21 April 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Love the sneakers I bought in a size 45. Shoes in a 45 were gigantic. Ordered a 44 which is better. Just ordered two more 44 which seem snug. Is there no size between a U.S. 10.5 and 11.5? I seem to be stuck in that middle size. Would of .africa shoes very comfortable. Ra 2 Hopewell are extremely stiff and u comfortable

4 stars20 April 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Very nice, best barefoot dress shoe yet. Still just a touch clunky-looking & stiff (as a result, the fit is a bit loose). The ideal for me would be something very similar in styling but with softer leather like the Ra. Not sure if this is realistic...

5 stars20 April 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Fast, free shipping. Packaging badly damaged in transit ( obviously not VB's fault) but shoes were in great shape

5 stars20 April 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - The bottom of the left one felt a little crooked

4 stars17 April 2015

Handcut Lisbon Mens - Very good looking shoe. Not as wide in the toe box as other vivo's. This makes them less comfortable, but look more professional. The only problem I find, is that the inside of the shoe isn't as tall as other vivo's. When I walk my toes feel a bit of pressure on top. I'm hoping the stretch out over time.

5 stars15 April 2015

Lisbon Mens - Straight forward ordering, Speedy delivery, No fuss returns - can't be bettered

4 stars12 April 2015

Lisbon Mens - Please make them more water resistant.

2 stars11 April 2015

Lisbon Mens - Fit: They were too big and the next size down would be too small. Style: In person, they look like clown shoes, exacerbated by their being too large.

4 stars10 April 2015

Lisbon Mens - The Lisbons are the most comfortable dress shoe I own, to the extent that I really can't make myself put on any of my old shoes. A couple of thoughts on ways you could make them even better: (1)they don't hold a shine very well; (2)think about improving traction on wet surfaces - they're terrible on ice. Also, if you tweaked the style even just a little, I would buy multiple pairs. Best barefoot-style dress shoe on the market.

4 stars06 April 2015

Lisbon Mens - Some cuffing on the rear heel that caused an instant blister. Nothing a bandaid could not fix.

4 stars01 April 2015

Lisbon Mens - Good shoe, but not worthy of the price tag.

4 stars10 March 2015

Lisbon Mens - .. but the quality of the leather suggests to me that the product is more a prototype barefoot office shoe (made in a low batch, for early adopters); would be nice to see future editions use a higher quality of leather (especially when the cost of the shoe is the same as something of the craftsmanship of a Cheaney);

5 stars23 February 2015

Lisbon Mens - I love them. I just wish I didn't have to order them from Europe to get the right size.

4 stars05 February 2015

Lisbon Mens - Still wearing them in. Happy with first impressions.

2 stars03 February 2015

Lisbon Mens - Sole bad quality compared to the other Vivobarefoot products. Not good value for money.

5 stars03 February 2015

Lisbon Mens - Best looking and comfort shoes I have ever experienced.

5 stars22 January 2015

Lisbon Mens - Best dress shoe so far from Vivobarefoot. Wish the upper were a bit softer, more like the Porto. The lining seems unnecessary for this shoe. I prefer the unlined Porto for comfort. The Lisbon is the first Vivobarefoot shoe I've owned that is needing a break-in period.

5 stars22 January 2015

Lisbon Mens - Shoes that are very comfortable. Like to see size 6 (40) in all styles

5 stars13 January 2015

Lisbon Mens - Good company (I can use no other shoes now). How could they improve? Stock availability sometimes, I would guess, plus durability of some of the shoes (stitching, etc.)

5 stars08 January 2015

Lisbon Mens - Super comfy!

2 stars27 December 2014

Lisbon Mens - Not elegant enough

5 stars26 December 2014

Lisbon Mens - Very good, but there should be an automatic deduction of sales tax when shipping outside EU. Vivobarefoot was kind enough to refund me the tax upon request, or else I would have paid double sales tax (always paying import tax when receiving).

4 stars22 December 2014

Lisbon Mens - Phenomenal service!

5 stars22 December 2014

Lisbon Mens - I have been waiting for a product like this for decades!

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