Join the revolution in barefoot training

Get qualified to teach barefoot running – and become a VIVOBAREFOOT brand ambassador.

We have three different barefoot running courses to choose from, depending on whether you just want to know how to run barefoot, coach barefoot or coach coaches. Our courses were developed by our resident barefoot guru - the world’s best running coach Lee Saxby.  The courses are delivered by VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coaches.

And whatever level you choose to take it to, it’s going to revolutionise your training.

Barefoot Movement Science - Online Module

This comprehensive course, covering both the practical and theoretical components of running, has been developed by internationally renowned barefoot running expert, Lee Saxby.  Completing the Barefoot Movement Science Online Module enables you to discover the exercise physiology of barefoot movement, the background history of evolutionary biology and natural movement.  Upon completing the couse you also become a VIVOBAREFOOT Advocate; becoming an Advocate gives you exclusive access to the VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic’s educational material.  

The course is available online and allows you to learn at your own pace, in your own time.To become an Advocate, you need to complete the Barefoot Movement Science Online Module.

Download the Advocate course prospectus

Click here to purchase the Barefoot Movement Science Online Module (£15)

VIVOBAREFOOT Instructor - One Day Course

Becoming a VIVOBAREFOOT Instructor gives you the knowledge and experience to teach barefoot technique to individuals and groups, enabling you to transition clients safely to a correct barefoot running technique. This course is run by our carefully selected partners and includes access to the Online Module.  

You’ll discover the exercise physiology of barefoot movement, and the background history of evolutionary biology and natural movement. You’ll come away with a real understanding of gait patterns, so you can give footwear advice, analyse individuals’ movement with ease and give your clients professional running advice for a greater level of service.

The one day training course is suitable for personal trainers, fitness instructors, therapists or sports coaches providing practical and cutting-edge knowledge and skills in analysing and improving running technique. To become a VIVOBAREFOOT Instructor you must complete a full day training clinic, provided and managed by our training partners.  A minimum REPs-accredited Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification or equivalent is required for acceptance on thiscourse.

Download the Instructor course prospectus

Click here to purchase the "Running Technique Instructor" training (£129)

VIVOBAREFOOT Coach - Three Day Course

This exclusive course gives you the opportunity to join the elite team of VIVOBAREFOOT Coaches. Once qualified, you’ll have the power to run your own VIVOBAREFOOT clinics - and you’ll keep 100% of the revenue generated. This course also gives you exclusive time with Lee Saxby, highly regarded as one of the best running coaches in the world.

You’ll gain hands-on experience of correcting individuals’ running technique using the latest video analysis and plantar pressure software, plus a coaching template used in conjunction with available diagnostic equipment to analyse and correct running form using coaching cues and drills.

The course is taught as a 3-day intensive and is open to all but places will be strictly limited to a maximum of twelve participants per programme.  Participants will have the opportunity to gain certification and become part of a growing international network of VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coaches.  


Download the Coach course prospectus

Click here to purchase the "Learn to teach the skill of running" training course (£1000)

If you have questions on any of our coaching courses please email us at

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