Get qualified to teach skilful running technique - and become a VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coach

Our educational courses follow a simple 3-level pathway, leading to Certified Coach. 

  • Level 1: Understand the skill of running
  • Level 2: Experience the skill of running
  • Level 3: Coach the skill of running

Each level has been uniquely developed by Lee Saxby, highly regarded as the world’s best barefoot running coach, and is exclusively delivered by both Lee himself and his team of elite Master Coaches.

Whatever level you choose to take it to, it’s going to revolutionise your training!

LEVEL 1: Understand the skill of running

Understand the philosophy and science of skilful running via this exclusive online learning module. This valuable educational resource explores the physiology of natural human locomotion, and the background history of evolutionary biology and natural, barefoot movement.

The course is available online and allows you to learn at your own pace, in your own time. Completion of this module is a pre-requisite for the 1-day workshop on Running Technique (level 2).

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Click here to purchase the Barefoot Movement Science Online Module (£15)

LEVEL 2: Experience the skill of running

Experience the skill of running via this exclusive 1-day workshop on Running Technique. We have have teamed up with Premier Training International, the UK's leading fitness training provider, to offer fitness professionals a unique training opportunity – the Running Technique Workshop.

This highly practical workshop will build on your understanding of barefoot movement science, and apply this knowledge specifically to improving running technique. Participants will have the chance to experience and learn how to:

  • improve their skill of standing through use of a plantar pressure plate, and interpret and apply the results to improve foot health and natural movement
  • correctly assess and interpret running technique via video analysis using the our exclusive coaching app
  • use specific and progressive exercise drills to improve the skill of running
  • apply a simple, progressive model that will allow them to improve running technique

This course has been developed exclusively for VIVOBAREFOOT by Lee Saxby, widely regarded as the world’s best barefoot coach, and is delivered by Lee’s very own team of Master Coaches. Upon completion of this 1-day workshop, you will be able to use the tools you have gained to improve your own running technique, as well as provide basic guidance to your members/clients. You will also have the opportunity to enrol onto the Lee Saxby 3-day intensive Coaching Program and become a Certified Coach.

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Click here to purchase the Running Technique Workshop (£129)

LEVEL 3: Coach the skill of running

Coach the skill of running via this 3-day Coaching Program. This intensive course is delivered by world-renowned barefoot running coach and biomechanics expert Lee Saxby, exclusively for VIVOBAREFOOT.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the science and coaching of the physical and mental components of running and natural movement. You’ll gain hands-on experience of correcting individuals’ running technique using the latest video analysis and plantar pressure software, plus a unique coaching template that can be used in conjunction with available diagnostic equipment to analyse and correct running form using coaching cues and drills.

The course will not only build on your previous understanding and experience of skilful running, it will also give you the knowledge and confidence to become a competent and reputable running coach.

Certification is dependent on successful completion of both a written exam and case study submission. Once certified, you will join our growing community of VIVOBAREFOOT Coaches - highly regarded as the best running coaches in the world - and have the opportunity of becoming a brand ambassador.

This course is open to all those who have completed the online module and 1-day workshop (levels 1 & 2), but places will be strictly limited to a maximum of ten participants.

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Click here to purchase the 3-day Coaching Program (£1000)

If you have questions on any of our courses please email us at

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