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Run, jump, splash, repeat. Let your kid's run free!
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Being young should be fun so let your kids make the most out of their playful lives with the Ultra. It's the ultimate shoe for water-loving kids but is also great for playgrounds, holidays and sports day. It's a durable and versatile shoe that lets your kid's play and develop naturally.

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The Ultra Kids is perfect for young feet that just won't stay on dry land. It's ultra-lightweight, ultra-tough, ultra-adaptable as well as ultra-safe with the patented puncture-resistant barefoot sole keeping feet safe whatever's underfoot. The velcro strap makes it quick and easy to secure on and whip off when needed. These are great shoes for playful, energetic children that enjoy exploring and experiencing their environment as nature intended. Behind this playful and simple shoe is a ambitious and unparalleled concept that pushes the boundaries of footwear function - they won't know about that though, they'll just love them! The dual-injection construction gives durability, comfort, and flexibility where it's needed. It's a lightweight, ultra-thin, flexible and completely amphibious shoe that is also brilliantly robust, great looking, and Ultra barefoot.

Letting young feet develop naturally is essential for learning skilful movement and nurturing healthy feet in later life. With the Ultra for kids we've removed everything that hinders natural foot function to simply let their little feet do their thing. Being ultra-flexible and lightweight ensures their feet can provide natural motion control in the Ultra. This soft, glueless, monomaterial is comfortable and provides total flexibility for young supple feet. The sole, made from Vegan and non-toxic EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), is highly abrasion resistant and durable.

Running wild: jumping, paddling, splashing, climbing, hide and seek to name a few.

Adventure playgrounds!

PE lessons and Sports day.

A day at the beach.

Mastering the pogo stick and hula-hoop!

Upper material
Upper description
V-ultra EVA: 3D upper-outsole with perforated, non-toxic, soft, high abrasion resistant EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
Dri-lex performance footbed cover for moisture wicking and superior comfort.
Sole unit
Sole thickness
Sole description
V Aqua Kids: A fully molded, soft, high abrasion injected EVA sole with high levels of durability, grip and traction.
Velcro: Fastening the foot securely in the shoe is simple with basic Velcro straps.
100% Vegan
5 stars24 September 2015

Ultra Kids - This is my 4 year old daughter's third pair of Ultra Kids. I was beyond excited when I randomly discovered VIVO makes children's shoes in as small as size 25EU (size 9 children's US). The initial TRAIL FREAK KIDS I first discovered in her size absolutely did not allow her to get her foot into the shoe. Very disappointing. Fortunately, Ultra's to the rescue. Super kid friendly, almost like a sandal, but can do active things in them. Please continue to make these in small children's sizes, as I have an infant who I look forward to purchasing them for. I will also continue to buy them as my oldest daughter grows. I did try one pair of NEO VELCRO KIDS, but they were on the narrow side in the toe box & sole was very stiff in addition to having an upward curve near the tip. I've noticed with the adult VIVO's, you've made effort to make the soles more flat, which I appreciate. I've been wearing VIVOS since early 2010 and now own over 20 pairs. Please keep the toe boxes wide & soles completely flat & flexible. One of my recent pairs is the soul of africa tigray, which I think is on the low end in terms of quality of construction. From the photos, I was expecting construction quality more like the OAK models of old. Oh well, the MOTUS models (I have 3 pairs) are working out pretty well on the tennis court for me. The sole holds up much better than the STEALTH & EVO models I burned through in the past. With the MOTUS, the MTP joint needs an extra layer of protection on the upper to avoid tearing. All 3 of mine have holes in the exact same spot.

5 stars17 September 2015

Ultra Kids - Had some issues with the website (page with order confirmation wouldn't load) and I never received a confirmation email. Reps on the phone were very helpful, thank you!

5 stars24 August 2015

Ultra Kids - The best for kiddos with hot feet. Keep them protected and cool! Our whole family wears ultras every day!!!!

5 stars22 August 2015

Ultra Kids - My 3 year old loves it and i love how versatile this pair is.

5 stars19 August 2015

Ultra Kids - Smooth execution, quick delivery. No hassle return.

5 stars13 July 2015

Ultra Kids - Comfortable shoes, good ventilation to the feet yet still protected. Love the colour. My child has wide feet the shoe fits her well. Very versatile shoe for the summer. Wish they did them in a bigger size for my older child who is in between child and adult sizes.

5 stars30 June 2015

Ultra Kids - great quality and comfort, beautiful and my kid is very happy to wear them

2 stars29 June 2015

Ultra Kids - The strap wears out fast on previous ones.

5 stars29 June 2015

Ultra Kids - Brilliant shoes for warm weather!

4 stars27 June 2015

Ultra Kids - Having issues with rubbing and blisters, I'm not sure whether he'll get a lot of use out of them because they're so uncomfortable for him.

5 stars26 June 2015

Ultra Bambino - Valutazione servizio : Spedizione veloce e precisa, per le trail consiglio un numero superiore a quello portato abitualmente.
Prodotto : Ottimo per la spiaggia e tutte le attivita al mare
Una scarpa door to baech.☺☺

4 stars25 June 2015

Ultra Ninos - Puntuación del servicio : Calidad buena, pero no excelente para el precio
Producto : Muy versátiles. Los materiales, "parecen" (no sé si lo son) de una calidad regular.

4 stars24 June 2015

Ultra Kids - Professional company

5 stars24 June 2015

Ultra Ninos - Puntuación del servicio : Calzado pensado para la salud de nuestros pies, para que la pisada sea lo mas natural posible y que los músculos y articulaciones no se atrofien, se fortalezcan y realicen las funciones para lo que están diseñados.
Producto : Muy cómodas.

5 stars22 June 2015

Ultra Ninos - Puntuación del servicio : Envío excelente, atención al cliente muy buena, paquete recibido en perfectas condiciones, y con todas las atenciones y detalles.
Producto : Muy buena calidad, excelente servicio de envío, lo recomiendo totalmente.

5 stars22 June 2015

Ultra Ninos - Puntuación del servicio : Llego el producto en perfectas condiciones e incluso antes del tiempo estimado
Producto : Permite al niño mover el pie con libertad. Muy ligera, cómoda y son muy adaptables de cara a la temperatura exterior, descalzo o con calcetín!

4 stars22 June 2015

Ultra Bambino - Le ballerine pur essendo un 40 sono corte, controllare le taglie. Il resto bene.

1 stars22 June 2015

Ultra Ninos - Puntuación del servicio : No existen tallas, con lo cual, es como si no existiera el producto.
Producto : No existen tallas, con lo cual, es como si no existiera el producto.

5 stars04 June 2015

Ultra Kids - Love all the Vivos! It feels like this model is bigger than Neo Velcro kids same size, it was too big when same size Velcro fitted well.

5 stars24 May 2015

Ultra Kids - great

5 stars20 May 2015

Ultra Kids - The sale items sell out way to fast :(

5 stars20 May 2015

Ultra Kids - all good, expect the Ladies Achilles don't fit properly...

5 stars15 May 2015

Ultra Kids - Brilliant. Am in love and so is the boy who wears them. Easy on and off and super comfy. Very stylish too. Honestly very chuffed.

5 stars14 May 2015

Ultra Kids - .

5 stars10 May 2015

Ultra Kids - Light and comfortable.

5 stars08 May 2015

Ultra Kids - Amazing shoes. My niece and nephew did not want to take them off upon trying. They said they were too comfortable, as thought with "built-in aircond"! Love it. Thanks for the great product!

5 stars07 May 2015

Ultra Kids - My 5 year old son loves them.

4 stars06 May 2015

Ultra Kids - you run out of different colours v quickly.

5 stars04 May 2015

Ultra Kids - Please make smaller kids sizes!

5 stars02 May 2015

Ultra Kids - Perfect kids summer shoes. Lightweight, flexible and easy for my children to slip on and off. A better alternative to clunky Crocs or Clarks Doodles.

4 stars01 May 2015

Ultra Kids - I'd have liked them to be thinner.

5 stars01 May 2015

Ultra Kids - My daughter absolutely loves Ultra Kids and runs around without stopping as soon as she puts them on! They clearly give her the freedom to move with confidence, what could be better? They seem to be extremely durable, wore them nearly continuously last summer in the garden, on tarmac and in and out of water, and they still look just lightly used, wow!

2 stars30 April 2015

Ultra Kids - Again, lovely in theory but were absolutely massive compared to the other shoes & the size chart on VBF website.

4 stars30 April 2015

Ultra Kids - Very nice service. However, it is a bit disappointing that the items suddenly are out of storage after placing the order.

5 stars29 April 2015

Ultra Kids - Same as for trail freak. Bought them in advance.

5 stars29 April 2015

Ultra Kids - Great offer, great service incl. delivery. I just regret you do not offer direct delivery to Czech republic. Of course you have the stores also in Czech rep. but your UK offer is much better and cheeper :-)

4 stars29 April 2015

Ultra Kids - Don't wear very well, I would like them to last till my son grows out of them. Last 2 pairs of insoles fell appary very quickly and the uppers look very tatty. However great that his feet can develop naturally.

5 stars29 April 2015

Ultra Kids - Excellent

5 stars28 April 2015

Ultra Kids - Lightweight and great fit

4 stars27 April 2015

Ultra Kids - Excellent service shoes arrived, and love the offer. Makes Vivobarefoot affordable for other shoes (i.e. not just school shoes).

4 stars27 April 2015

Ultra Kids - delivery was quick with all the product well packed and safe ..

4 stars27 April 2015

Ultra Kids - Don't seem as flexible as the picture would make you believe but still great value holiday shoes.

5 stars26 April 2015

Ultra Kids - Bought these as an alternative to Crocs for my 9 year old daughter. We both love them! So light and neat-fitting, she barely knows they are there. Look great too!

4 stars26 April 2015

Ultra Kids - great service. unhappy i had to repackage return as return slip only went up to 5 kg (my returm was 5.3 kg). should mention this somewhere.

5 stars25 April 2015

Ultra Kids - My son loves these shoes : they are as comfortable as his crocs, but he can really run with them. I don't think we will be buying any more crocs from now on. the vivobarefoot shoes are very flexible and light, making them perfect for children. the strap is easy and my son (3.5 year old) puts them on himself.

5 stars25 April 2015

Ultra Kids - My niece loves her shoes seeing how she loves to run around barefooted now no need to tell her to put her shoes on lol thank vivobarefoot

2 stars25 April 2015

Ultra Kids - As above

5 stars24 April 2015

Ultra Kids - .

4 stars24 April 2015

Ultra Kids - Great service, love the shoes

5 stars23 April 2015

Ultra Kids - Well designed product with eye catching colour combinations. Indispensable now the warm weather has arrived. The go to shoe when camping.

2 stars23 April 2015

Ultra Kids - They could be much softer.

5 stars20 April 2015

Ultra Kids - This is my little girl's second pair of ultra kids in blue as she loved her white ones so much.

5 stars09 April 2015

Ultra Kids - My legs are very happy now. :-D

2 stars09 April 2015

Ultra Kids - I returned these as the hole for the foot was so tight, my sons foot couldnt fit into them, despite the length being more than long enough

5 stars09 April 2015

Ultra Kids - great experience.

5 stars08 April 2015

Ultra Kids - My 10 year old thinks this, not me!!
She hasn't taken them off and has two different pairs, one blue and one white

4 stars04 April 2015

Ultra Kids - Look good quality, little girl enjoys wearing them

5 stars30 March 2015

Ultra Kids-SS14 - Fine.

5 stars29 March 2015

Ultra Kids-SS14 - OK

4 stars27 March 2015

Ultra Kids-SS14 - Good

5 stars26 March 2015

Ultra Kids-SS14 - The kids love them !!

5 stars23 March 2015

Ultra Kids - Love that there are more flexible footwear options for my family. Thanks Vivobarefoot!

5 stars19 March 2015

Ultra Kids - I love our shoes and the service we received! Fast shipping too. You've made a lifelong customer out of me.

5 stars12 March 2015

Ultra Kids - Great shoes for kids. Love the fact that they are flat and flexible (just being as bare as possible). The cost is a little steep for kids shoes though, considering the fact that the material cost is lower.

5 stars08 March 2015

Ultra Kids-SS14 - The kids LOVE them !!

5 stars21 February 2015

Ultra Kids - nice

5 stars15 February 2015

Ultra Kids - My kids love these shoes!

5 stars09 February 2015

Ultra Kids - daughter loves them

5 stars22 December 2014

Ultra Kids - Always efficient and reliable.

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