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Christopher McDougall and the night of the Natural Born Heroes

May 15, 2015 by Jamie Page

Christopher McDougall and the night of the Natural Born Heroes

The message we took home? Get up, run around, play, eat meat, don't eat meat. Throw knives, have fun and be a Natural Born Hero!  Read More

  Christopher McDougall,  Nautral Born Heroes,  VIVOBAREFOOT,  Parkour

Zeno Watson on why training barefoot is best

July 12, 2013 by Zeno Watson

Zeno Watson on why training barefoot is best

Over the past few months I have been using VIVOBAREFOOT shoes as my go to training shoe to compliment my training in Parkour. When training as a Parkour practitioner it's important to condition and strengthen your feet, legs and core to be more resilient to potential injuries, especially from the hip down to the feet.   The training shoes we have come to know may look good and have plenty of padding/protection in the sole, however they maybe detrimentental to your training. Such issues as incorrect running mechanics, when running the heel is in contact first with the ground rolling onto the... Read More

  Barefoot Parkour,  Barefoot Training Shoe,  Evo,  Parkour,  Zeno Watson

Glasgow Parkour takes VIVOBAREFOOT under their wings.

February 01, 2013 by Chris Grant

Glasgow Parkour takes VIVOBAREFOOT under their wings.

Glasgow Parkour Coaching have been try out some barefoot movement in recent months and have seen a number of benefits that supplement our regular Parkour training. Using Vivos on light training days, and practicing small movements with maximum proprioception definitely improves co-ordination, balance and precision which are absolutely essential for parkour. Any training that we can do that strengthens the ankles, allows them to move around their full range of motion, and promotes a natural foot movement will support our jump and landing strength that we need to practice safely. The fact that we can wear vivos day-to-day, while teaching... Read More

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