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The fastest runners in the World ever, grow up barefoot

August 14, 2015 by Mark Esteban

The fastest runners in the World ever, grow up barefoot

There are many factors involved but many of the fastest runners in the World ever grow up barefoot. The Men's current 800m, 1k, 3k, 5k, 10k and marathon World records are held by East Africans. And 95% of East African Athletes don't wear shoes until they're 16 years old.* Read More

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Feats of Strong Feet

March 26, 2015 by Jamie Page

Feats of Strong Feet

Last week we ran a competition asking you to show us your feats of strong feet. We got a variety of entries from all over the world with lots of people showing us how they use their strong feet to do weird and wonderful things. We shortlisted some of our favourites and picked what we thought were the best 3, they’re all below for you to see. Read More

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#barefootfact 1 Movement as medicine

April 01, 2013 by Jamie Page

#barefootfact 1 Movement as medicine

For a healthy life regular physical activity is a more powerful remedy than any drug you can take for modern day epidemics. Find out more … download the eBook – Proprioception: Making Sense of Barefoot Running available for free from the VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic . What to do next? Transition to natural movement: Live barefoot, first. And be barefoot as much as possible (80% of the time is about right!). If that's an issue our casual range of shoes might help. Learn to walk again, heel, ball, toe…engage the great toe and use the muscles, tendons, nerves and bones that... Read More


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