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Don’t Run in our Shoes…

May 16, 2014 by Galahad Clark

Ultra Barefoot

…Unless you have strong healthy feet and good technique.

Watch any four year old running barefoot round a swimming pool and what you will see is natural movement: Upright posture (head over hips over feet), quick cadence (lots of small steps) and they are probably relaxed and having fun.

Then we go to school, start sitting on chairs and wearing padded shoes, and so begins a lifetime of bad posture and movement habits.

The footwear industry is built on the assumption that you need shock absorption, motion control and lots of fancy technologies, promising all sorts of amazing benefits. The truth is the body and feet have all the natural shock absorbing and motion control technology you’ll ever need (just ask any animal).

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as putting on a pair of barefoot shoes and hoping the rest will take care of itself.

Technique is everything and the key to healthy skillful movement is proprioception (sensory feedback from the feet to the brain).

Everyone’s transition back to natural movement and strong healthy feet is different depending on lifestyle, chair and shoe use. Most injury and pain is usually experienced due to doing too much too soon with poor technique and weak feet.

Barefoot shoes

At VIVOBAREFOOT we make shoes with our patented ultra-thin puncture resistant soles (for maximum sensory feedback) and anatomic shape (to let the foot and toes splay and recoil) and pride ourselves as the world’s leading provider of lifestyle and kids barefoot shoes. We believe you should walk before you start to run. The best thing you can do to ‘transition’ is walk around in barefoot shoes and get your feet strong and healthy, long before you ever run in them.

Your feet have all the technology you need, your shoes should let your feet do their thing. We call it Pure Barefoot Technology.

Barefoot running is as much a fad as evolution is.

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