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Men's Running reviews the Stealth

March 28, 2014 by Jamie Page


“As flexible as a yoga teacher and as flat as a Dutch motorway”

The foot is an incredible piece of evolutionary engineering. Respecting the diverse functionality and maximising the innate potential of the human foot is what we try to do with every shoe we make.

Men’s Running magazine recently reviewed the VIVOBAREFOOT Stealth and named it the “Clark Kent of Minimalist running shoes” .

“Quiet and understated [they didn’t see the lime colourway!] but capable of incredible things.”

"If you’re looking for an unadulterated minimalist experience, look no further."

VIVOBAREFOOT Stealth men's Running

Humans use tools to thrive and survive – footwear is just one essential piece of kit we use to live long and healthy lives. The important criteria for healthy footwear is that it doesn’t inhibit the foot but instead amplifies its use – offering some level of thermal or physical protection, condition specific functionality and adequate grip for the desired terrain.

The Stealth, which was reviewed by Men’s Running magazine, is designed for road running and enables your feet to behave as if they were barefoot. We’ve fined tuned the density of the sole to ensure you get all the sensory feedback you need whilst the puncture resistant sole ensures your feet are protected.

Men’s Running picked up on the flexibility of the Stealth and commented that is was: “As flexible as a yoga teacher and as flat as a Dutch motorway, they provide a true barefoot experience. A wide toe-box allows for natural foot movement and, at 250g, they’re still relatively light.”

Mens Running Men’s Running

The VIVOBAREFOOT Stealth was featured in May’s edition of Men’s Running.

Turn to page 81 to read the full review.


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