The Revolution continues Down Under

The Revolution continues Down Under

January 21, 2014 by Jamie Page

Suey Cooper Adnews

AdNews Annual features our very own Suey Cooper.

Director & co-founder of VIVOBAREFOOT Australia & New Zealand, Suey Cooper takes time out of her busy schedule to chat with AdNews and feature in the 2013 Annual. Suey talks openly about VIVOBAREFOOT’s founder and Managing Director:

“We understand that everything about VIVOBAREFOOT goes against the grain. Its founder, Galahad Clark, turned his back on the family business in 2003 o create something that not only contradicts the core of the Clarks shoe product but that flies in the face of every major shoe brand out there.”

 The boss Down Under clarifies where the shoe industry has positioned itself and how VIVOBAREFOOT is making a stand:

“The shoe industry has always been about the shoe. VIVOBAREFOOT has always and will continue to be about the foot, the biomechanics and the person wearing the shoe.”

 What about the education? Here’s what Suey had to say about the importance of thinking big and acting local:

“For the last two years we have been utilizing a multi-touchpoint grassroots campaign to raise brand awareness through education and carefully aligning ourselves with key influencers within all avenues of education, including selected retailers.”

The AdNews AnnualHow are VIVOBAREFOOT providing the tool for the new generation:

“This is an interesting time in marketing – the modern, post-GFC consumer is quite different. As a result of people being forced to think about their purchases a lot more it started a snowball effect. So now, whether we’re dealing with someone who traditionally wouldn’t be considered part of the online generation, or someone who is firmly entrenched in the Gen Y way of doing things, each consumer now not only has a thirst for knowledge, but also the skill set and ability to access it.” 

On the Future:

“We’ve done the ground work on education and we want to continue that process. Its exciting to see how 2014 will take barefoot into the mainstream. Barefoot and minimalism isn’t a fad – the modern sports shoe, of just 40 years, is a fad. This is just a return to our senses!”

Suey discusses the holistic approach for smart Australians who want more than just shoes:

“Australians are educated consumers, so its really important to have started some key alliances with great retailers that are as motivated about this movement as us.

We believe that if we continue to educate the public about approaching the body as a whole, not just looking at footwear from the ankle down, and treat the consumer as a whole person, not jus a food, they will respond. Ultimately, parents want to do the right thing by their children and most people are adopting a more holistic view to their consumer approach.”

The revolution continues:

“Next year [2014] for us will be all about continuing with integrity and credibility, so that hopefully over the next 12 months or so when one of the big brands comes in through the front door they find that we were invited through the back door and everyone in the family is already wearing VIVOBAREFOOT.”

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