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A winter trail shoe: VIVOBAREFOOT Neo Trail

December 16, 2013 by Jamie Page

Neo Trail foot print VIVOBAREFOOT

"My only problem is that they look too nice to give them a proper off-trail thrashing."

BloggingJogging is on a journey into natural running. We got wind of this and thought we get involved and help him on his journey. He took a pair of the VIVOBAREFOOT Neo Trail for a test and we asked him to report back.

"When I first saw a picture of the soles I was a little concerned that their bark would be worse than their bite, but I was wrong."

The Neo Trail features the Off Road soleand here's what they thought of the grip:

"The bold chevron shaped lugs which cover the whole of the sole are deep and angular and bite into soft and loose ground with remarkable holding power."

Read the full review.

Neo Trail Blogging Jogging


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