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May 22, 2015 by Jamie Page


Revisit your environment
We’d recommend reconnecting with your environment and getting as close to the ground as possible. If it’s safe to do so then we’d recommend shedding the shoes completely. However if there’s no guarantee of the ground being free from stuff that might harm your relatively vulnerably soft soles then we would recommend the ultra-thin, puncture-resistant soles that are found on the bottom of every single pair of VIVOBAREFOOT shoes. Read More

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What is it about Vivobarefoot shoes?

May 18, 2015 by Steve Guy

What is it about Vivobarefoot shoes?

Visited the highlands of Scotland recently with my Dad. Flew from Bristol to Inverness, then drove a hire car to our destination, Applecross peninsula in the north-west. Due to the snowy conditions we thought better of the 2,000 ft. mountain pass and took the coast road. This added another 25 miles or so but provided some wonderful views of Scottish wilderness. As we rounded another twist and turn, across the water the snow-capped profile of the Isle of Skye appeared. Beautiful stunning scenery begging to be photographed. Pulled off the road camera at the ready and there’s another couple doing the same thing. (Matthew and Karen I think. My apologies if my memory is incorrect) First thing I notice is that he’s wearing a pair of Neo trails and greet him with a ‘Flying V’. From that moment on the stunning view becomes secondary to discussing the merits of Vivobarefoot shoes. Albeit with Karen rolling her eyes, oh no not another one! I apologised for the enthusiasm but we agree there is something about these shoes. We shook hands after further exchanges and continued on our way wishing that I should have taken a picture of us together for this blog. (Hence the people-less picture to give a flavour of the landscape). Read More

Christopher McDougall and the night of the Natural Born Heroes

May 15, 2015 by Jamie Page

Christopher McDougall and the night of the Natural Born Heroes

The message we took home? Get up, run around, play, eat meat, don't eat meat. Throw knives, have fun and be a Natural Born Hero!  Read More

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