Hybrid 2013
Hybrid 2013
Hybrid 2013
Hybrid 2013
Hybrid 2013
Hybrid 2013
Hybrid 2013

Hybrid 2013

Run, jump, splash, repeat. Let your kids run free!
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Being young should be fun so let your kids make the most out of their playful lives with the Ultra. It’s the ultimate shoe for water-loving kids but is also great for playgrounds, holidays and sports day. It’s a durable and versatile shoe that lets your kid’s play and develop naturally.

Style code: 200012-01


The Ultra Kids is perfect for young feet that just won’t stay on dry land. It’s ultra-lightweight, ultra-tough, ultra-adaptable as well as ultra-safe with the patented puncture-resistant barefoot sole keeping feet safe whatever’s underfoot. The velcro strap makes it quick and easy to secure on and whip off when needed. These are great shoes for playful, energetic children that enjoy exploring and experiencing their environment as nature intended. Behind this playful and simple shoe is a ambitious and unparalleled concept that pushes the boundaries of footwear function – they won’t know about that though, they’ll just love them! The dual-injection construction gives durability, comfort, and flexibility where it’s needed. It’s a lightweight, ultra-thin, flexible and completely amphibious shoe that is also brilliantly robust, great looking, and Ultra barefoot. Letting young feet develop naturally is essential for learning skilful movement and nurturing healthy feet in later life. With the Ultra for kids we’ve removed everything that hinders natural foot function to simply let their little feet do their thing: Being ultra-flexible and lightweight ensures their feet can provide natural motion control in the Ultra. This soft, glueless, monomaterial is comfortable and provides total flexibility for young supple feet. The sole, made from Vegan and non-toxic EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), is highly abrasion resistant and durable. Like all VIVOBAREFOOT shoes the kids Ultra has a zero heel-to-toe drop and is wide across the toes for a very good reason – they let their arch and toes load, splay and recoil as if you were barefoot and allow your feet to provide natural shock absorption. Natural sensory feedback provides the brain with all the information it needs to tell the feet and body how to move – crucial for kids as they develop correct movement patterns and figure out the world around them. The thin, puncture-resistant sole on the Ultra facilitates this continuous loop between brain and body, called proprioception.

Running wild: jumping, paddling, splashing, climbing, hide and seek to name a few. Adventure playgrounds! PE lessons and Sports day. A day at the beach. Mastering the pogo stick and hula-hoop!

Upper material
Upper description
V-ultra EVA: 3D upper-outsole with perforated, non-toxic, soft, high abrasion resistant EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
Dri-Lex Performance footbed cover for moisture wicking and superior comfort.
Sole unit
V Kids Aqua
Sole thickness
Sole description
V Kids Aqua: A fully molded, soft, high abrasion injected EVA sole with high levels of durability, grip and traction.
Velcro: Fastening the foot securely in the shoe is simple with basic Velcro straps.
100% Vegan

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