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Achilles II
Achilles II
Achilles II
Achilles II
Achilles II
Achilles II
Achilles II

Achilles II

A modern running sandal with unrivaled performance.
Multi TerrainMulti Terrain
was €80.00now €40.00

Your foot has all the technology you need and the Achilles let’s you enjoy the beach, the light trail and your urban environment. A lightweight, split-toe sandal that features our patented ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole technology.

Style code: 200032-02L35-



Fashioned with a removable and fully adjustable nylon strap, the Achilles is ideal for trail, beachside runs or urban exploration. The multi-terrain, 3mm outsole provides maximum proprioception and protection for whichever amphibious activity you choose to attack. Running downhill poses no issue in this 100% Vegan sandal as the split toe guard design offers comfort, control and protection. With the dual density construction, combining a high performance TPU cage and a softer eco PU foot bed, this modern-day Huarache running sandal allows for swift, skillful movement. Built with the foot in mind the Achilles let’s your feet function like nature intended. The split toe design ensures the toes can spay and recoil as if they were barefoot and ensures the Great Toe engages with the ground and provides the natural motion control you need for skilfull movement. The sole is thin and flexible to allow for independent rear– and forefore movement. The supple TPU upper is super flexible and the sole is flat and wide allowing your toes to load and splay and offer natural shock absorption. Our patented, puncture-resistant and ultra thin sole will enable all the sensory feedback your brain and nervous system needs to move as nature intended.

Beach runs and summer training. An adventure around the world. Spring time city sprints or casual urban adventures.

Upper material
Upper description
V-sense TPU: VIVOBAREFOOT's integrated 3D upper-outsole with medial toe bridge to maximize ball of the foot balance and response.
Sole unit
V Aqua 2
Sole thickness
Outsole: 3mm?insole:PU 3mm
Sole description
V Aqua 2: Classic multi terrain haxagonal grip you will stick to any terrain in and out of water with underfoot control and incredible sensory clarity.
Removable Strap: Removable webbing and perf PU strap provide comfort based on personal fit or use preference.
100% Vegan
4 stars26 August 2015

Achilles II Mujer - Puntuación del servicio : Exelente comunicación tanta con la empresa como por la página de internet
Producto : Geniales, son las primeras que tengo y no seran las últimas

1 stars10 August 2015

Achilles II Ladies - I liked the idea of this shoe, but the piece between the big toe and first toe did not work for me.

1 stars10 August 2015

Achilles II Ladies - The straps on my size 5 shoes were designed for a smaller foot than a size 5, and pushed the foot too far forward in the shoe. I think this would be a problem for almost anyone who wore them. Sent them back.

4 stars08 August 2015

Achilles II Ladies - They fit fine but the straps don't last long. They stretch too soon and the Velcro doesn't stick.

2 stars24 July 2015

Achilles II Ladies - I've only worn them once so far and unfortunately found them quite uncomfortable. I live in a very hilly area and whilst going uphill they were fine, going downhill the plastic between my toes pressed into my feet and was quite painful. I bought them to wear on a pebbly beach and in the sea when I go on holiday, so am hoping they might be more comfortable for that. Have always found Vivobarefoot shoes really comfortable in the past but I don't think these ones are going to work so well for me.

2 stars19 July 2015

Achilles II Ladies - The material used for thetop and between the toes is too hard and causes chaffing and blisters and the shape means pebbles and rocks are hard to remove.

5 stars17 July 2015

Achilles II Ladies - Customer support was fast and effective. Was promised a replacement pair for broken lugs on Trailfreaks but then was given a refund when replacement was oversold. Would have rather had a replacement.

5 stars16 July 2015

Achilles II Donna - Valutazione servizio : Ottimo servizio!
Prodotto : Innovativi nella forma.

5 stars12 July 2015

Achilles II Ladies - I ordered an Achilles II Mens. I was emailed a few days later they sold out and Vivo was refunding me. I jumped on and ordered the Ladies pair... which is the exact same shoe. I'm surprised Vivo didn't offer to send my the Ladies pair instead of just canceling my order and making me re-order

5 stars10 July 2015

Achilles II Ladies - Love my garden/water shoes. They are the perfect summer addition.

1 stars08 July 2015

Achilles II Ladies - The "wedge" between the big toe and the other toes is far too stiff and substantial for my foot. I tried wearing the shoes, hoped maybe my toes would adjust, but learned that there is absolutely no way I can wear these shoes - far too uncomfortable. Alexandra Taylor

5 stars08 July 2015

Achilles II Ladies - Great sandal. My bigger foot has issues with the larger top section: my second toe's nail snags on the top edge of the sandal but to work around that issue I cut that toenail very short. Love the sandals and actually ruck with my dog in her crate on my back to and from the office with no issues with my feet.

4 stars05 July 2015

Achilles II Ladies - Good, but returned as the straps simply weren't long enough to fit around my wife's feet.

4 stars04 July 2015

Achilles II Ladies - Straps are too short

2 stars03 July 2015

Achilles II Ladies - the strap going over the feet is way to big for my feet and is not adjustable, still not sure how I feel about the big toe area yet, sometimes its uncomfortable. Not sure if I just need to get used to it or if it will be a long time issue.

5 stars30 June 2015

Achilles II Ladies - Unfortunately, I was not able to keep the shoes as the strap was too small, but the shoes were well made and stylish.

5 stars29 June 2015

Achilles II Ladies - Love

4 stars24 May 2015

Achilles II Ladies - The strap was to small to do up. it said it was the right size on the label but once the Velcro was done up I could not get the shoe on with out ripping the Velcro apart. I ended up sewing the strap together. I sewed the tips of the strap together (i.e. the Velcro was not even touching) and then it was the right size. I do have high arches but still it seemed like it was a strap for a smaller shoe size because it was so off. I ended up making it work. I have tow small kids and sewing it up seemed like a quicker option then asking you guys to send a new bigger strap.

2 stars20 May 2015

Achilles II Ladies - The size of sole is perfect but the strap is a little too tight... Is it possible to get a larger strap?

Thank you,


4 stars14 May 2015

Achilles II Ladies - These I didn't like as well, just didn't like the feel of the material they were made of.

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