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3MM Insoles
3MM Insoles
3MM Insoles
3MM Insoles

3MM Insoles

Replacement Insole

Replacement Insole

Style code: 200049-01



Replacement insole for all VIVOBAREFOOT styles.  The 3mm insole will add additional insulation between you and the ground.

Replacement for worn insole

100% Vegan
Antibacterial Poliyou
Washing instructions
Cold soapy water
5 stars18 November 2015

3MM Insoles Ladies - Simple order process. Quick delivery.

5 stars13 November 2015

3MM Insoles Ladies - Marvellous shoes & now marvellous insoles. Glad I lost the others, they were getting tatty anyway.

4 stars16 October 2015

3MM Insoles Ladies - They are very comfortable - not too thick but make a definite difference.
They are a little small in my Gobi boots though - after wearing a few times, they've slipped back a bit and there's a small gap right round the front. They won't seem to stay fully forwards because of the curve in the heel.

5 stars05 October 2015

3MM Insoles Ladies - They fit really nicely in Africa Gobi shoes.

5 stars25 September 2015

3MM Insoles Ladies - I bought them to use in Grace Ladies instead of the thermal insoles, before winter. They fit perfectly in the shoes, and they perform they are exactly the same as the insoles provided in the Evo Stealth shoes, except for the colour (grey instead of black).

5 stars16 September 2015

3MM Insoles Ladies - Insoles fit the pally shoes directly and Hayley has happy feet again!

4 stars01 August 2015

3MM Insoles Ladies - They look less robust than the original insoles I had in Neos, hope they are puncture proof still. Fit well are comfortable, if they last well then I am very satisfied. This form could be easier to fill in on smart phones.

4 stars03 February 2015

3MM Insoles Ladies - Have been a big fan of Vivos for nearly 3 years, and don't wear anything else. They are good at responding to queries, but sometimes there can be a delay. The one thing I would like to see is a loyalty scheme, and on their website there should be a function to notify when items are back in stock. Other than that, great shoes and service!

5 stars22 December 2014

3MM Insoles Ladies - used for Mens shoes and fit fine

5 stars11 November 2014

3MM Insoles Ladies - I was disappointed that I had to order insole replacements from the U.K. and couldn't find them even on the U.S. website.

5 stars11 November 2014

3MM Insoles Ladies - Gave my Becks boots a new lease of life

4 stars31 October 2014

3MM Insoles Ladies - The insoles have become more floppy and spongy since my first VB shoes of 3 years ago. I had an idea that the insoles were puncture-proof, but these clearly are not, so maybe I misunderstood. They are comfortable and warm. However, if washed, eg after a long and sweaty walk, they take days to dry!

5 stars11 August 2014

3MM Insoles Ladies - Helps me wear my vivobarefoot shoes properly without worrying about smelly feet!

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